Missouri Woman Poisoned Husband to Marry Convicted Murderer


Police: Prison Nurse Fatally Poisoned Husband to Marry Convicted Murderer.

A Missouri prison nurse fatally poisoned her husband with antifreeze, according to police, and then allegedly set their home ablaze to hide the evidence as part of a plan to marry a convicted killer serving a life sentence in prison.


Authorities arrested Amy Murray, 40, on Thursday and charged her with first-degree murder and armed criminal action after she allegedly set her home in Iberia, Missouri, on fire with the body of her husband, Joshua Murray, inside on December 11, 2018, ABC News reported.

After the fire began, Amy Murray took her 11-year-old son and the family dogs to a McDonald’s, according to a probable cause statement obtained by KQFX.  more here

15 Comments on Missouri Woman Poisoned Husband to Marry Convicted Murderer

  1. Her life is an analogy of the Democrat party on a city level be it Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Memphis and the list goes on. She murdered her law abiding, tax paying husband because she fell in love with a convicted murder doing life.

  2. To the IOTW family, just found out a young man I’ve known since he was an infant was found murdered and thrown into a ditch like a piece of garbage. My heart’s broken right now but I’d like those who can take the time to say a prayer for him and his family. His name was Kevin.

  3. Talk about your life going off the rails. This makes my mistakes along the way in life pretty mild. I suppose I still have time. Antifreeze?, and she’s a nurse? Oh, she’s only a prison nurse, training requirements??

  4. Different Tim:
    Blessings of comfort and peace to you and Kevin’s family. And may the murderer(s) be swiftly brought to justice.🙏

  5. Prayers for Kevin’s family in their time of need, @Different Tim, but they and you should take comfort that he is in the arms of a loving Lord today, and that those who threw him aside yesterday will be themselves thrown in a Lake of Fire tomorrow.

    God bless and comfort you,


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