Mistake Waltz

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  1. Oh I loved it! I took ballet for many years and made it to “en pointe” until I severed my achilles tendon. They danced beautifully and their hands were spectacular. I know that was more difficult but so funny. Good for them for having a sense of humor!

  2. Compound time can do that. Common time can do it also, but it’s sometimes rather jarring.

  3. The ear hears three threes or four threes on compound timing with no fucking compunction. It’s the nature of the ear.

    The nature of the dude who wrote the shit. It’s the nature of compound timing.

  4. Probably more difficult than it looks.

    We did Sound of Music for the musical in 9th grade. It had a “Goat Herder’s song” where three guys had a little bit where they danced in step with each other.

    The middle guy was completely backwards going down when they went up, turning left instead of right. It was hilarious. The audience howled with laughter for the only time in all the shows.

    The poor guy was devastated but everyone was telling him what a hit he was pumped him back up. We begged him to do it again in the next show. So with confidence he went out to do a mirror job when the bit came up and didn’t miss a step staying in sync like he was supposed to the previous time.

    What a let down. He was a hit when he was nervous, but strange he got it backwards from his intention both times whether nervous or not.

  5. That was . . . Awesome!!! I am, and have always been a fan of the classics. Being able to take one and turn it into fun has a special place:)

  6. Enjoyed this tremendously! I like how the ‘goofs’ started out slowly, then became more obvious as the dance went on. Very funny.


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