MIT Scientist: Covid Vaccines May Cause Diseases in ’10 to 15 years’ (Exclusive Video)

I don’t remember reading about this before. It may have been posted before since this is from last July, so if it was, forgive me for double posting!

The article includes a summary and rough transcript of the video.

RAIR Foundation

Dr. Weld explains:

“Dr. Seneff’s background led her to have concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines that are being heavily promoted. These vaccines use a novel mRNA technology, and their long-term effects remain unknown. However, there is sufficient published scientific information to explain some of the mechanisms behind the adverse effects these vaccines are having now and what they might cause in the years and decades ahead. She anticipates an increase in autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, which take 10 to 15 years to manifest themselves.”

Some of the major points of the RAIR exclusive interview:

  • Dr. Seneff “anticipates that there will be long-term damage that won’t instantly be linked to the vaccine. Developments, such as an increase in auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases, which may take 10 to 15 years before manifesting themselves.” “We are in for a big surprise down the road,” she predicts.
  • Dr. Seneff believes the vaccine would exacerbate symptoms of those with Parkinson’s.
  • Those who claimed that mRNA would not impact DNA are “wrong.”
  • Spike protein “really has become the most toxic part of the virus” and exists when Covid is gone.
  • “Among the possibilities she foresees is an increase in Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (CJD), a prion disease (or protein misfolding disease) comparable to mad cow disease.”
  • “There is an epidemic of Alzheimer disease, which people are getting at an increasingly younger age. The recklessly and haphazardly implementation of the vaccine roll-out will contribute to this trend.”

Finish reading and watch video HERE.

Also, there is more current video from 1-8-22 HERE.

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  1. Exactly, were counting on it. This is kinda like drug dependency & were the dealers. Only in this case we are completely protected, guaranteed income & protected from lawsuits. Thank you Donald J Trump, you did us good.

  2. There is already a name for it; Long Covid. It is being advertised on the TV as a consequence of getting the woohoo flu and not being jabbed.

    These bastard’s are NEVER going to let it go.

  3. How many of the ClotShotted will still be alive in 10-15 years? If Antibody Dependent Enhancement doesn’t get them, the spike protein micro-clot induced heart failure will.

  4. I hope Trump is around to see all the diseased and crippled people who trusted those who told them to get the jab and see what he says.

  5. I’ve been screaming that from the get-go. Those bogus vaccines are the real Bio-Weapons. Covid-19 was the ruse used to get gullible fools to line up and voluntarily get their life-altering injections.

    Bill Gates is ever so happy that all those idiots received their herd member depletion injections.

  6. …we have dead kids right NOW that they refuse to admit are Jab deaths, what makes you think they’re going to connect the dots to many and varied illnesses in deaths a decade from now.

    No. They will simply blame unvaxxed White hetro males (if any are left), severely punish them, and move to the beat of their Chinese overseers..

  7. We just dont know. This is why other vaxes take so long to come to market, to weed out just these kinds of issues. But for those who have taken the vax, her opinion is just that…an opinion. So live your life and enjoy

  8. One look at the millions of people around the world that are up in arms about this should tell you something is afoot!

  9. Guillotines, garrottes, and nooses. Ohhh myyy. (thanks deep fake George Takei)

    When everybody that thinks you enemy, are primed for ADE. Have white men been worshiping the pedestal of wymyns studies so hard for so long, that a simple gene splice is beyond all their capabilities?


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