Mitch McConnell already making plans for Roy Moore

Mitch seems nervous lately.

Breitbart: Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) discussed the U.S. Senate special election in Alabama scheduled for December 12 and what impact GOP hopeful Roy Moore could have if he emerges as the winner.

McConnell did not go as far as to say the U.S. Senate would vote to expel Moore should he be elected, but he did predict Moore could have an “ethic issues,” and the “aftermath” of his successful bid would be dealt with after voters go to the polls.

Partial transcript as follows:

INGRAHAM: The Alabama Senate race is taking up a lot of oxygen in the political landscape. He is up now in the polls 5 percent. You favored Luther Strange. A lot of money went into supporting Luther Strange. He didn’t win. Roy Moore won. I actually supported Mo Brooks. But Roy Moore won. And now all these allegations against him. You said he should step aside. He may very well win this election. What does that say about four influence in the Senate your influence? Does it have any implication for you? He wants to unseat you, he said.

MCCONNELL: Well, President Trump and I are on the same side. We both supported Luther Strange even though you supported Mo Brooks. The people in Alabama decided to go in a different direction. And on December 12 they will get to decide who they want to send to the Senate and we will deal with that when that happens.

INGRAHAM: So if that happens, there are still senators who say we could vote to expel him to the U.S. Senate. What does that say to the state of Alabama? They have heard all the arguments. And I know you say you believe the women that came forward. I tend to think some of them are credible as well. But people in Alabama are hearing it all.

MCCONNELL: They’re going to make the decision in Alabama —

INGRAHAM: Should you in the Senate invalidate that by expelling him out?

MCCONNELL: We will deal with the aftermath the decision of the people of Alabama make on December 12.

INGRAHAM: So you think it is a possibility he could be expelled from the Senate?

MCCONNELL: I think there is a possibility he will have an ethics issue.


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  1. I will say I see better defenses for Roy Moore innocence from the pages of TheGatewayPundit, DailyCaller, and Breitbart than I do from the Moore camp
    – Lots and lots of questions about the veracity of the accusers.

  2. Can anyone explain how can a Senate ethics committee justify a hearing over someone who is not a member of the Senate?

  3. The criminals in the US Senate, some of the more despicable people on the face of the Earth, are going to sit in judgment of an allegation of 39 years ago?

    When they can’t even rid of the odious (and un-Constitutional) ObolaCare from 7 years ago?


    izlamo delenda est …

  4. We will deal with the aftermath (assuming Moore wins).
    Brilliant strategy. McConnell is treading single digit approval and wants to take out a guy elected by the people who had all the knowledge of accusations yet still elected him (assuming he wins). Yet they’ve been paying off other Senator’s accusers with taxpayer money and won’t release the names. So lets stop pretending this has anything to do with women accusers/ethics and everything to do with ideology.

  5. Publish the abusers list…..

    Any congressional employee that had the taxpayers pick up the tab for their sexual misconduct settlement……

    must be made public.

  6. I expect FOIA requests have already been filed for the Congressional accuser/payoffs list. Taxpayer funds. And WHO approved these expenditures? Will make for interesting revelations.
    There will be more boys than girls, methinks.

  7. McConnell needs to go, no matter what. He works for the Chamber of Commerce and not the People, which makes him as dirty as they come.

  8. And I expect it’s Senator Roy Moore, PDT, Steve Bannon, and The Deplorables who have plans for McConnell. Not vice versa.

    I disagree with the headline. I see where Laura’s going, but I see McConnell trying to back away from his ridiculous earlier threats and buffoonery. ANY properly elected Senator MUST be seated. Senate leaders have no veto or any say at all. SCOTUS settled that back in the 1860s.

    My wife’s had her share of unwanted come-ons, clumsy passes, and at least one boss “dropping trou” (unsuccessfully).
    She’s as sympathetic to other women as they come, but she finds all the Moore accusers totally not credible.
    I’m hoping female Alabama voters feel the same.

    Go Moore.

  9. WAPO editor David Hagedorn is the brother of drug-dealer Richard Hagedorn, who Judge Moore convicted of contempt in 1994. You don’t suppose there is an ulterior motive for WAPO to smear Moore, do you?

    All the other accusers have either been completely debunked or their stories called into question. I think Roy Moore is an honorable man and I hope he is elected.

    Mitch McConnell better tend to his own house. I’m still fuming over the Thad Cochran fiasco in Mississippi. The Roy Moore look like more of the same.

  10. McCONnell and Trump on the same side?
    Sorry, but Trump is on America’s side, Mitch.

    Mitch, you’ve screwed Trump and the American people, what makes you think we’ve forgotten?

  11. He is allowing all the idiotic democrats to introduce motions to send the tax bill back to committee, giving hours of debate, and voting for overt an hour on each. How can it take over an hour for a mere 100 people to vote?

    NOTE: On Lou Dobbs, they just announced the verdict in San Francisco. The six times deported thug was acquitted of the murder of Kate Stemle.👎🏻

  12. After Rand Paul, we now know that a citizen can attack a GOP Senator from behind, get him down, and stomp him until you break six ribs. Then get a misdemeanor citation and sleep in your own bed that night.

    Six ribs. I wonder what that would do to Wattles at his age and visible frailty.

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