Mitch McConnell Has Got To Go!

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told the New York Times that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his allies have been “the most outrageous” in their failure to support President Trump — adding that McConnell “has to go.”

Bannon was reacting to Republican Ed Gillespie’s defeat in the Virginia gubernatorial race. Gillespie, a former Bush aide and RNC chairman, had embraced Trump’s populist agenda late, and it had not been enough to salvage a victory.

Bannon noted that “You’re going to win some and you’re going to lose some,” but that pushing Trump’s agenda is a process, and that leads to McConnell.

“So the process now goes: why is Mitch McConnell? Because the Senate and Mitch McConnell have been the most outrageous in their lack of support of President Trump’s agenda,” Bannon told the Times’ Jeremy Peters.

Bannon has eyed running challengers to a number of sitting Republican senators, calling for them to be replaced by authentic candidates who support Trump’s “America First” agenda.

“The greatest offense is not supporting the president enough as of now,” Bannon said. “I think [McConnell] showed his contempt for the grassroots movement, I think he showed his contempt for the Trump movement in those actions, so yes, Mitch McConnell has to go.”

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  1. McConnell is obstructing, slow walking and squelching everything that would signal success for the President’s agenda. Reelection is not a concern for the turtle 🐢 because he has been guaranteed a good living in any case, by his Globalist handlers.

  2. Should have been gone a long time before now.

    The fact that the Re-Pubes choose him as their Lord and Master (or is it Master and Commander?) is sufficient to indict them on charges of “Anti-Americanism” and we should be rid of all who support such.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Coldeadhands – Few truer words. McConnell and Ryan are a real pair of snakes in the grass. I will never trust or believe anything that exits their pie holes.

  4. I guess appointing his wife to a Cabinet post didn’t buy the cooperation that he expected in return…fire Cho and somebody get a Fusion-GPS dossier out on Yurtle the Turtle.
    Bannon knows what needs to be done and being outside of 1600 gives him all the maneuvering room he needs.
    Let’s make some turtle soup.

  5. Fish lips McConnell needs to go!
    I have more respect for those Asian carp that President Trump was feeding in Japan, just as the prime minister did, and then got grief for it from our “deplorable” media.

  6. Any member of Congress who keeps getting re-seated and retains leadership power is likely as corrupt as a rotten egg, stinky for blackmail and sticky for bribery. Honorable politicians get falsely smeared by nasty Senators who shouldn’t be allowed around any vulnerable, possible victims. Corrupt politicians are always promoted by the MSM cesspool of liars. Rats of the sewer flock together!

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