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Mitt 2016?

Ann Romney Won’t Rule Completely Rule Out A Mitt 2016 

YC: There is no doubt about it.  Mitt still has the presidential itch.

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He may have come out and said he wasn’t running and done his best to pretend he doesn’t have a bad taste in his mouth from losing in 2008 and 2012, but I don’t believe him for a second.

After listening to Ann Romney this morning, it sure sounds like Mitt is keeping his options open.   more here


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  1. Ol’ Mitt must be trying to set some kind of record. He’s already a three-time loser.

    And the VA GOP is still riding the short bus. They’re putting up, or, rather, propping up, Ed Gillespie, consummate insider, to run for governor. Thank goodness we have a nominating convention rather than primary where all the RINOs invite their dem friends to vote for their boy.

  2. Yeah, let’s get another weak cheese, mealy-mouthed candidate who when some democrat hack piece of shit says, “The Eighties called, and they want their foreign policy back. (smug)” will just sit there like a stupid asshole and not tell the DNC hack to go fuck himself. Fuck Romney. I am so sick and tired of “reasonable” behavior in the face of blatant left wing calumny and lies.

  3. better Romney than Hillary.

    The problem is Romney probably couldn’t even beat Hillary. Or Biden.

  4. Is there any litmus test on the Republican side?
    Will Romney secure the border?
    Will Romney deport Illegals?
    Will Romney repeal and replace ObamaCare?
    Will Romney balance our budget?
    Will Romney reform taxes?

  5. News of Romney’s thoughts about Trump were all over the place yesterday. He said that Trump wouldn’t win the nomination and that it wouldn’t go to an “insurgent”, meaning Trump is not one of the “mainstream conservatives” of “his party” (read: not a GOPe insider).

    You’ve got a heck of a nerve, Willard. Go home!

  6. I think Mittens has the ability to increase his ballot box prowess if he decides to jump back in– 4 million “staying home” in ’12 will probably double in ’16. Whatta vote getter!

  7. AIN’T NO FRIGGIN WAY!!! GO AWAY MITT, YOU DON”T NEED TO LOSE AGAIN. Are GOPEE voters chopped liver just to be used by the establishment and expendable. And KMA GOPEE if you even think about or are dumb enough to run Romney again. CRUZ/CARSON 2016!

  8. Mitten’s election was stolen from him. Obola had given up – didn’t even plan a victory celebration – but Holder’s and the DNC’s fraud and the RNC’s surrender exceeded their wildest expectations.

    If the fraud is allowed to continue, the Demonrats will steal the whole show and the RNC will point and laugh.

    DC will pass the Globaloney Bullshit Initiative and start taxing everything containing carbon (which includes you!).

  9. Ann, we’re not buying this time. We voted for your husband in 2012 and he lost. He is a loser. If you love him, take him home, cuddle him, whisper sweet nothings in his ear, and keep him out of politics. One final thing: He is a loser.

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