Mitt Romney -vs- Mike Kennedy Primary Runoff This Week – Tuesday June 26th

CTH: There’s a strategy behind national corporate media not discussing the Utah Senate Primary runoff this coming Tuesday. The avoidance strategy is designed to support the scheming, self-interested, manipulative lying-liar-who-lies, Mitt Romney, over Utah state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.  (Website Here)  Romney is destined to replace Bob Corker as a staunch anti-Trump Senator.  Romney supports all Decepticon causes.

Despite beating Romney in the Utah republican primary convention vote, Mike Kennedy is considered the underdog.  Mail-in and in-person early voting started earlier this month. Only registered Republicans may vote in the GOP primary.  MORE

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  1. One America News ran a short exposé on Mitt. These are some of his quotes:
    – I am against abortion
    – I am pro-choice
    – I am against abortion and always have been
    – I am against single payer healthcare
    – We need single-payer
    – I am against single-payer and always have been
    Etc., etc.

    One thing worse than an obstructionist maverick is an obstructionist maverick whose cause changes for every issue.

  2. I do live in Utah, and have already voted for Kennedy and sent my ballot in. Local news reports indicate that, according to polls, Romney is going to win.

  3. Romney has already gone down in defeat to a Kennedy. In 1994 he lost to Teddy in the Massachusetts senate race.

    Keep the streak going, Mitt.

  4. Should Mitt lose, he can always move. Sooner or later, He’ll find the right combination of vulnerable seats and gullible voters.

  5. Fight on, Mitt. The establishment is behind you all the way. Not like they were when they sold you out behind closed doors in 2012. They’re now your best buddies, and they like the things you’re saying about Trump. Keep it up and you’ll win for sure.

  6. It seems like Romney is a lot like the Clintons. He won’t shut up, go away or die. Romney does not have any intention to vote for the best interests of Utah only to be a disruptive force against the Trump agenda. POS like him do not deserve a seat in any public office higher than dogcatcher.

  7. Most voters are morons. They just pull the lever for whatever name they recognize. That’s how we end up with incumbents that never leave. The only way Mike Kennedy can win is if he changes his name to something like Joseph Smith, John F Kennedy, or Elvis Pressley.

  8. There is serious concern among Mitt supporters that low turnout will skew the vote in favor of Kennedy. Kennedy is generally perceived as a loon (perhaps undeservedly, perhaps not — he does live in Alpine, after all, but on the plus side, he doesn’t live in Eagle Mountain), which explains his popularity among convention delegates ;-). Cannon lost to Chaffetz in a similar scenario. (Chaffetz was markedly uninspiring as a congressman, unlike his emotion-filled initial candidacy)

    Kennedy has been criticized for apologizing for Mitt concerning his kerfuffle over Robert Jeffress giving a prayer at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Personally, I thought Mitt should have been raked over the coals for his hypocritical “defense” of Mormonism (he defends it when he isn’t running away from it) and Judaism, but he is the darling of the local establishment and media.

    I think that if Mitt loses tomorrow, he may entertain running as a right-in candidate. He would have a reasonable chance of winning in November, though he would at least assure Kennedy loses and a lunatic Democrat wins (She has been relatively reasonable until recently. She now shows all the symptoms of debilitating TDS). Mitt and his supporters would definitely feel it was worth that risk. Mitt or a Democrat — sounds like an ideal ticket for the Uniparty.

    Trump did win in Utah — convincingly. I am not sure the pollsters have been asking the right questions to really get a feel for the electorate. We are a peculiar people, after all, Mormon or not. Tomorrow will be interesting. I remain undecided.


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