Mixed Signals From Gillette

Looks like they’re trying to make into the kind of guy that will stare at women’s ass..ets.

ht/ GoBGJG


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  1. “Do as I say, not as I…do…do…doh”

    Thanks BFH. So much blues.

    We will expose the REAL hypocrites.

  2. That’s not helping me be the best I can be, Gillette. Glad to know you were just bullshitting with that latest ad. You sly bunch of pickup artists.

  3. …at what point are they going to tell Muslims to shave the chin strap and stop abusing women?


    …yeah, that’s what I THOUGHT…

  4. Rolls Razor user here.
    jillette did not invent the safety razor, as they would like everyone to think. jillette is the inventor of the _disposable_ safety razor blade. That reality just doesn’t sell in today’s world.
    But, give them credit- they really are disposable. To the point of extinction.

  5. …don’t get too hyped on that ad. It’s for their lesbian clients who like to watch their girlfriends shave…

  6. I’m so a shamed of the rest of the males commenting here. This is the heart of toxic masculinity. I see it now and vow to change my behavior. Pfff.

  7. OMG!
    The toxic male testosterone is flowing as heavily as it can in the comments here……and I love it…LOL

    The femmanazi’s will come out and say it is good, right, and proper for wymen to objectify themselves for money when THEY want to do it because its a woman’s RIGHT to get paid to use her body however she wishes and just because she is not inserting things into her ho-ho it does not mean she is not a whore…. just ask any burka-clad potato sack masquerading as a female!

  8. A clumsy attempt at putting the toothpaste back in the tube?
    “Here at Gillette we’re real men too!, our last add was just misunderstood.”

  9. Supernightshade,

    “…at what point are they going to tell Muslims to shave the chin strap and stop abusing women?


    …yeah, that’s what I THOUGHT…”


    HUGE shaving market in Pakistan. Not only do they not want to risk offending mohammedans, they can’t afford to lose that market.

  10. Toby Miles,

    Yay for the Rolls. Self contained hone and strop, it’s all a man who wants to stay clean shaven would need on a desert island (and soap).


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