Mizzou sees 25% enrollment drop, $32M budget deficit after racial protests


WashingtonTimes:The University of Missouri campus rocked by racial protests last year is in damage-control mode after experiencing a nearly 25 percent drop in freshman enrollment and a staggering $32 million budget shortfall.

Interim MU Chancellor Hank Foley emailed students this week anticipating a decline of 1,500 entering freshman students, equal to nearly 25 percent of the fall 2015 freshman class, the Columbia Tribune reported.  MORE


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  1. What a pleasant and satisfactory outcome! I’m not completely surprised, though, given that the admin, profs, and students seemed to go out of their way to alienate and anger virtually everybody paying attention. And for what?

  2. Huh. Lesson well learned:

    Actions Have Consequences.

    Damn shame a fine school is now known for its Smell-My-Finger prof.

  3. I suspect it was the cream of the academic freshmen that went elsewhere which will further damage the University down the road. I wonder what would happen if they installed real leadership there along with dragging the school out of this pit of PC manure and actually concentrated on the students getting a good degree and expelled those that would try to destroy. It may take a couple of years but they could come out the other side stronger, with a better reputation and the ability to attract the best both in staff and students.

  4. Zounds, what fun.
    But will the fat, overpaid gang of Tenured communists take a 25% pay cut from their 300K a year cushy jobs teaching gender identity studies and I hate America 101?

  5. So the admins at that place will blame all the things the protestors complained about as the reason for the downturn. Then the admins will double-down on appeasing the snowflakes demands, thinking that’ll get the enrollments back up.

  6. The taxpayers will make up the shortfall. Can’t have a bunch of degenerate, know-nothing, mindless, socialist bums (professors) loosed, unemployed, to the streets, can we?

  7. It’s a shame. Good engineering school.

    You all do know that the video of the idiot teacher involved with the protesters went viral BECAUSE the serious students at Mizzou went all out to make the video go viral to stop the crap there.

    The serious students sent it far and wide to even their ancestors to do what they could do to get the word out.

  8. University President Lazlo would bring back a resounding wave of enrollment!
    All tenured miscreants will be catapulted into retirement (with a real catapult)
    All classes not directly involved with actual sciences jettisoned
    All students will be treated with respect, even conservatives.
    All tenured teaching salaries are tied to enrollment.

  9. “Then they should stick with Engineering and Math and the other Sciences and jettison the bullshit studies.”

    Then what courses would the foobaw and bassetbaw players take?

  10. Looks like it’s a good time for a singularly unqualified cohort of Affirmative Action students to apply to Mizzou. They’re now desperate for anybody who’s got a student loan to burn, even if it means turning the place into a fancy Middle School.

  11. I’d like to see the board of trustees and alumni of the school turn around and sue Black Lives Matter. Isn’t the latter indirectly funded by this administration? Wasn’t their head recently at the White House getting congratulations for a job well done in Baltimore?

  12. @ crazyeighter — What else?
    Black engineering studies.
    NCQAA football program.
    I see Grumpy Cat weighed in.

  13. Gee Wally, an Engineering school that can’t even figger out the simple difference between Right and Wrong!
    Must be the Common Core math – or the Political Correctness…
    Beam me up Scotty, then nuke the Leftist Assholes!

  14. Perhaps I’m missing something here. Why not enroll at Mizzou? I mean, didn’t everyone want to move into Watts after Rodney King riots? Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to move to Harlem? Swimming in diversity….

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