MLB Proposing A May Opening In Arizona


Though the number of deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to peak in the coming weeks, MLB and the Players’ Union reportedly is working on a plan that would get the season started up some point in May, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported early Tuesday morning. And if this plan were to go through, the games would, at least to start, be played in locations throughout greater Phoenix.

“Major League Baseball and its players are increasingly focused on a plan,” Passan wrote,” that could allow them to start the season as early as May and has the support of high-ranking federal public health officials who believe the league can safely operate amid the coronavirus pandemic, sources told ESPN.”

The plan would have all 30 teams play at Chase Field, the 10 spring training facilities in the area and, if necessary, other nearby fields. Then, the players and team staff would have to stay in local hotels and essentially travel just to and from the stadium and hotel, according to Passan. More

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  1. Tv revenues call the shots anyway.


    The governor of South Dakota, in so many words, said that the shutdown is bullshit.
    The governor of Mississippi proclaimed April as Confederate Heritage Month.

    Good for them.

  2. Would be a great outlet for all of us stuck at home. MLB baseball channel is showing games 6 and 7 of the 68 world series tonight in tribute to Al Kaline. has it for those without access.

  3. Yes. And let the rest of the country go back to our normal lives, too.

    Different Tim, thanks for the link! Just went there and they are showing a game from 1984, Tigers vs Padres.

  4. ” People with hobbies are just fine.”

    People whose work is also their hobby, because they live for it, maybe not so much.

  5. Geez….just when the Mets and Pirates are leading their divisions. Now they’re gonna make them play and screw it all up…..

  6. @Diff Tim

    Ah, ’68 World Series. The high-kicking, multi-pumping, sock-wearing era of Gibson and McClean. I was in Basic Training and infantry training at Ft. Ord, California from August ’68 to Feb. ’69, so I did not see one game. But it’s all OK.

  7. Yes Claudia, watching it now. 84 Tigers were unstoppable. Willie Hernandez was the king of relief that year. Unfathomable numbers.

  8. I’d feel a lot less guilty of sitting on the Front Porch swilling

    Beer, If Baseball was on in the background…Go Cubbies!

  9. Meanwhile a father in Brighton CO was arrested for playing catch with his daughter. As soon as this over all these fascists need to lose their jobs. EVERY DAMN ONE!

  10. At first this idea sounds very stupid.
    But when you realize this might be the kickstarter for society as a whole you maybe appreciate it.

    Different Tim: As you watch that ‘68 Series watch how the stands are full of men in pressed white shirts and ties, with straw hats. A few women in nice dresses sprinkled here and there. Impressive.

    Bobcat: I gave you a thumbs up, then I saw the Go Cubbies. I want my upvote back.

  11. Can we play the World Series then, in… Pittsburgh. 🙄

    Hey – the Pirates AIN’T gettin’ there anytime soon! I gotta take what I can GET!!! 😳

  12. “this might be the kickstarter for society as a whole”

    Yes, please take note other, lesser, sports. Baseball is about to save the fuggin’ planet.

  13. Anth Ropy, watched it 68 with my grandpa on a black and white set. Great memory I’ll always have. Looking forward to hopefully seeing it in color.

  14. @Different Tim and TimBuktu – as a St. Louis native, I will defer to Al Kaline’s performance in the ’68 World Series, but prefer to revel in the ’67 series against Boston.

  15. re. ’84 Series: I was at Game 1 with my wife to be. My 1st and only time at a WS game.

    I had a ticket for Game 4 of the ’98 series (NYY-SD) but I gave it to my daughter because I didn’t want to see the Evil Empire celebrate on the Padres turf. Good move on my part.

  16. (Gives Mr Anth Ropy a thumbs up…removes Him from Christmas Tree List)

    Anybody can send Cards…I send Trees….

  17. O.K. early betting is now open on how long it will take the Mets to implode.

    To be fair, my beloved Angels are also up for ridicule as I predict their implosion for late July.

  18. Stirrin the Pot, my grandpa was a huge St. Louis fan but not in 68. I never did ask him why.

  19. …so the Reds are eliminated from playoff contention by June 1, then?

    …that’s deeper into the year than they USUALLY get…


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