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Mmm… No. Thanks.

Seattle Public Schools releases cringe video, hoping it will attract more students to enroll during the current admissions crisis.

h/t illustr8r.

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  1. As I heard a drill sergeant once say, “You better un-fuck yourself or I’m going to slap the black down around your ankles! Do you understand me trainee?!”

  2. People are taking their children out of Seattle City Schools for a reason. Ask those parents if they care that Seattle schools will loose funding. If anything, they are probably cheering for that to happen.

    My son went to Seattle City Schools. To say that he does not have good memories of his high school days is an understatement.

  3. The best way to fight the commie brainwashing of your children: OFFICIALLY take them out of school. HOME SCHOOL is what you have been doing, ‘remote learning’. .
    The real reason the schools are so adamant about truancy: they lose money, lots of money if they can’t prove ‘seat time’ for each student.

    Object all you want to school boards, but better yet, starve them of the various taxpayer funds they receive based not only on enrolment, but a minimum ‘seat time’.

    That ‘seat time’ is one reason online schooling was restricted for so long. At first they used the tactic of partial online combined with mandatory class or ‘lab’ on campus work.

    Covid gave ‘remote’ learning a huge blessing: no required minimum in ‘seat time’ at the school. Extra Federal funds poured in, along with the relaxed truancy issues, and schools could teach whatever and the elitist educators lost all of those nasty parental participation activities.

  4. Looked like Antifag & burnlootmurder
    dudes to me. Wasn’t the meth lookin’
    one seen at the Chaz autotommyinous zone ???
    When will these insane commie hell holes
    self destruct ??? Gotta be the canary…

  5. Who knows?! I’m grateful #1 Daughter had an amazing public school experience all the way through H.S. in Seattle.

    I don’t know who these fools are trying to attract, but I can tell you it’s not anyone I know.

    (I don’t get too excited by these things unless I know for sure they are what they say they are. I know Katie Daviscourt is a conservative “journalist/photographer”, but how she came upon this….well, who knows if it’s what she says it is? For all I know it could be an amateur video to enroll your kids in an after school program of some kind.)

  6. Can you imagine what their target audience looks like?
    That’s some scary shit, right there.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Luckily I watched the video in the early morning so’s not to ruin my Thanksgiving meal. FJB LGB. And oh yea, Fuck Those Guys.

  8. That ad is akin to an auto maker showing its product on a lift being repaired while convincing customers they should purchase it


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