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M&M’s Purple “Spokescandy” Leaves a Bad Taste

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M&M’s has added a new “spokescandy” to their cartoon character lineup, designed to “represent acceptance and inclusivity.” The character is the first new addition to the lineup in a decade. More

23 Comments on M&M’s Purple “Spokescandy” Leaves a Bad Taste

  1. I have never bought a pack on my own.
    Just not my type of candy.

    I prefer Kit Kat Bars, Wonderbar, or Cadbury Pure milk chocolate.

    So no skin off my non-inclusive Purple Torpedo…

  2. What is it with these companies? Just make the damn candy and stay out of the cultural war. Is there a gay version of Jessie Jackson blackmailing them, or do they just not care about alienating 1/2 their buyers?

  3. Woke items don’t sell.
    Our local Walmart (very small town) just brought in Great Value ice cream pints. They are great, and they are $1.47 vs. $4.99 for the commie Ben & Jerry product.
    But, they brought in a whole door of “Pride” Ice Cream in a rainbow package. It’s been three weeks, and they still have a full door. I don’t think they’ve sold a single unit

  4. The only M&Ms I buy to eat for myself are the dark chocolate peanut (dark purple bag). And I’ve been able to find them in only one place, WallyWorld.

  5. Prufrock – Remember Freshen-up gum with the liquid center that, as the commercials put it, “squirts” in your mouth? The chicks used to call it Cum Gum!

  6. “ willingness to embrace her true self”

    Get real you freaking candy makers! Her TRUE self is candy coated chocolate! You racist pigs.

  7. Wanna see my hairy garbantula?
    Whap! whap!
    Wanna see my purple helmeted warrior?
    Whap! whap! whap! whap! whap!!!!

  8. Dollar General sells the very hard to find coconut M&M’s. No other store carries them from what I have seen. I buy them when I can find them as a treat. Now, I’ll never buy them again. This woke corporate bullshit is just too much. I’m too old & fat to be eating candy anyway!


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