MN State Fair Rejects Filled Donut Holes

On paper it seems a creative way to sweeten up a Midwest staple, take the remnant center of a donut after the hole is punched out and fill the perfectly round sphere of goodness with “Bavarian cream, chocolate custard and Minnesota lingonberry jam,” yourself. 

That is until someone takes offense because of waste, or it’s too reminiscent of injected drugs. That generated a petition for the Minnesota State Fair to pull the offering. More

28 Comments on MN State Fair Rejects Filled Donut Holes

  1. …whoever came up with THIS one CLEARLY has been injecting too many drugs in THEMSELVES…

  2. but as I reach the top of the bridge, these words come to me in a whisper. I say these words as a prayer, as regret, as praise, I say:

    Klobuchar …Klobuchar…

  3. It’s almost amazing, the extreme some people will go to in order to be a total, obnoxious asshole.
    Something that is very prevalent in the democrat party.

  4. Oh FFS, it isn’t enough that if the a-hole doesn’t like it, don’t buy it. No! No one else should be able to buy it either.
    What a bunch of idiots!

  5. There’s an old saying, something like: “You don’t look for signs of infidelity unless you know what you’re looking for.” Similarly, you don’t look for ways to be offended unless — in your dark heart — you know all the ways you can offend.

    Why do people back down from such ridiculousness? It’s awful.

  6. How about powdered doughnut holes? Snort the confectioners sugar while you eat th…….never mind. Someone will probably object.

  7. What – you inject the donut holes with the filing? Damn, I’ve just been shooting up because…it’s a syringe. I didn’t get a buzz, but I did contract Type 2 diabetes.

    Thank you Minnesota state fair for saving me from myself.

  8. What do most people do with left over doughnut holes?

    They tie them together and make fish nets out of them.

  9. good grief! same syringes that you buy at the hardware store that’s used for epoxy/bug eradication/foam fill

    what ‘progressives’ can’t mandate, they want banned

  10. The real reason is because forceably injecting a donut with cream filling, against it’s will is too much akin to rape, and is the result of toxic masculinity.

  11. Eh, I kind of like the idea. However, this appears to just be an off the shelf solution. It could take a lot of time and money to develop a squeeze packet that accomplishes the same task. Like a mini pastry bag.

    I’m surprised the hole maker didn’t have the epiphany to only provide one syringe with the flavor of your choice. 1/3 the waste and 1/3 the cost.

  12. Meanwhile, the “medical”marijuana booth at the Minnesota State Fair is thriving, selling actual drugs.

  13. In Canada, donut holes are filled and sold as TimBits in the Tim Horton’s restaurants. They used to cost $ 2.00 Cdn. for 10 and were perfect for long distance travel. Just bite sized and yummy!

  14. I’m embarrassed that I lived in that state for 34 years. Well, the first 20 years were fine until the left started going super crazy.

  15. The county next to mine has banned plastic bags in the supermarkets. So I just stuff the items in my pockets. Sometimes I forget to pay. Go figure.

  16. Pre-filled donut holes are a tasty treat, Why not make and sell them that way? The only problem evident here is the idiocy of the donut maker. Actually the insert-it-yourself method is silly, too. Apparently he really doesn’t want to make a profit by selling his product. Just trying to sell an idea for a fun food fad to a corporate buyer as dumb as he is.


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