Mo Brooks Answer To Reporter’s Question on “the gun situation in America”

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  1. The real question is how many other dumbed-down, extreme, radical, bomb-throwing, Left-wing Lemmings are out there (in more ways than one) about to be “triggered” by the dangerous rhetoric and fabrications of the democRATs and their allies in the Bought & Paid for Media!

  2. Mo Brooks is on mark. Just the kind of stupid question we’ve come to expect from the press, stuffed back down their throat.

  3. If Democrats quit shooting people the murder rate would all but vanish. (Think Chicago, Baltimore, New York)

  4. Two things from my local paper today:

    1) The shooter was an “anti-republican demonstrater”

    and 2) He used an assault pistol in addition to his assault rifle.

    No mention of democrats or Bernie the Sandman.
    This truly was a hate crime.
    Ain’t no doubt who gets the blame for this: Anti-Trump democrats.

  5. Lougner was put on antipsychotics by the court in order to determine if he was competent to stand trial, and was likely schizo to begin with. It’ll be interesting to learn whether this guy had anything approaching Loughner’s level of crazy or if he was ostensibly normal…because they both had the same leftist political motivation to commit mass murder.

  6. There have been two congress people shot in the last several years. Both were done by unhinged left wing crackpots.

  7. Fun fact:

    The American Psychiatric Association estimates that roughly 15% of the American population is emotionally/psychiatrically ill, but are not getting treatment.

    15% = 45 million Americans.
    There are 45 million Democrats.

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