Mob of Antifa Radicals Disrupts Pro-Life Prayer Vigil Screaming “F— Your God!”


Antifa radicals in northern Texas disrupted a pro-life prayer vigil earlier this week. Students at the University of North Texas set up a display of crosses to memorialize the 63 million babies killed in aboritons but leftist Antifa protestors disrupted the event screaming and changing “F— Your God.”

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) organized hosted the prayer vigil but it was soon drowned out by dozens, perhaps hundreds of radical abortion activists associated with the violent leftist group. They chanted blasphemous slogans and attempted to drown out the small group of students gathering to demonstrate against abortion, according to a Fox News report.

They apparently came to try to shut down the pro-life event after online radicals organized them together. The pro-life students expected 10 to 20 counter protestors but were quickly subjected to harassment and intimidation when a an agressive leftist mob showed up.

Kelly Neidert, who founded the UNT chapter of YCT and has chaired it since 2019, is unsure where all of the protesters came from but speculated they might have been summoned by an advertisement that circulated on social media earlier in the day. The ad was emblazoned with the three-arrow insignia of Antifa.

“Fascists are organizing in your area,” read a release apparently directed to members of Antifa in the area of the university, which is approximately 40 miles north of Dallas. “Tonight the young conservatives have invited groyper influencers & white nationalists such as Lance Johnston to a pro life ‘vigil’ in supporting christo-fascist abortion legislation.”

In one of the videos obtained by Fox News, the pro-life students chant, “Christ is king!” to which a protester responds by chanting, “F*** your God!”


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  1. In one of the videos obtained by Fox News, the pro-life students chant, “Christ is king!” to which a protester responds by chanting, “F*** your God!”

    There’s only two things at war in this world. Good and evil. Good will always prevail because God is good. Yesterday we laid our mother to rest – she saw 98 years on this planet. She struggled coming into it without a choice, and she left this world with no choice – except, she chose Jesus throughout those 98 years. In that I can feel confident that there is a better place for us. Too bad those chanting “F your God” will be in the same group that God will destroy. They aren’t fit for his kingdom. BTW, I think my mother was one of the last survivors to participate in the Manhattan Project and a uranium examiner for The Big Boy, though at the time, she had no idea what the project was for. Goldenfoxx

  2. What else would you expect from Antifa. Most pro lifers would never swear at the pro aborts like that. Being confronted by rabid anti life pro aborts is not easy, I had to let God take care of how I responded back to them when I rescued. And they are some of the filthiest, vile mouthed hate filled people yelling their obscenity laden words and slurs at us because we believe in life. In the midst of it all I had an enormous abiding sense of peace because God was with me and the rest of the rescuers and he could take care of their vile words when in my flesh I wanted to lash out at these filthy mouthed bastards.

  3. News flash: “Progressives” are motivated by a burning resentment that stems from their envy of God. They are consumed by envy and everything they do, at it’s root is motivated by that envy.

    If you pay attention, the best people who are Constitutionalists have to offer to any individual who subjugates and oppresses others or member of any oppressor class is pity. Progs, on the other hand, envy those who oppress others and their desire in tearing them down is to replace them as a member of a newly formed oppressor class.

    I came to this understanding rather late. It was only after observing the dynamic in play whenever they are mobilized and listening closely to their own rhetoric.

    Once I had validated my thesis that it is a fools errand and falling for a sucker play to EVER concede good intentions or good faith to followers of the progressive movement that I was able to deconstruct their rhetoric and critically examine it in order that I could fairly assess what could possibly be behind the motivation for advocating a political philosophy that has ultimately resulted in massively increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death EACH AND EVERY time it’s supporters have been able to achieve critical mass, gain power and implement their agenda.

    It also goes against the Christian understanding that one is not to be the judge judge of what is in the hearts or others. I am not sure how one reconciles the former with the latter, but this much I can say – If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Then when the movement you align with actively boo’s God live on national television, is attractive and welcoming to self-identified Satanists… I could extend this litany infinitely and add to it daily into the future as they “up the ante” and come out with what they have up until recently practiced behind closed doors, and in the closet.

    I test my theories prior to accepting them as conclusions and then continue to test them and this one has stood not only the test of time, I have never seen a single exception to it. It has to be sound.

  4. Fascism: “the death of freedom, the triumph of violence, and the enslavement of the mind”

  5. And to think of all the years sweet, wonderful Plain Jane put up with garbage like this on the front lines of the Pro Life movement and still had a heart to forgive them.

    That woman was in the center of God’s will indeed.

    Puts me to shame. I can only hate them.

    May the Lord deal with them swiftly.

  6. Too bad those Young Christians didn’t practice one of the oldest of Christian rituals; the “laying on of hands”.

  7. Supernightshade: you only have two cheeks to turn. You can’t let evil destroy you and everyone you love in order to show love for all of God’s children. Just as a police officer does not want to take another’s life, sometime you have to do what is needed to stop evil from prevailing.

    Just look at how totalitarian the government has become, a great deal of it because Republicans have said “It’s not who we are to be that way.” Meanwhile, people who aren’t afraid to be that way running roughshod over the country. You can still fight the good fight without resorting to evil. Placidly allowing yourself to be subjugated, in the absence of a long term strategic plan, does nothing except lead to your extinction.

  8. I can hardly wait till people start shooting these Communism Lovers! I’d shoot them in the back as they ran away!


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