Mocking T*rds

During this dismal presidential cycle for Democrats (where the Party tilted the field so far in favor of Hillary the rest nearly all slid off the edge in the first month) how did liberals keep their spirits up? By mocking Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

The shtick became so popular that the two comedians (Anthony Atamanuik as Trump and James Adomian as Sanders) took their show on the road and recorded a best of compilation video, which Fusion has been airing.


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As you would expect from a leftist, Trump is portrayed as a egotistical megalomaniac white supremacist misogynist and Sanders is played as a sweet doddering old fool who’s actually right about most things.

Q: Why not Trump vs. Hillary?

a.) There’s nothing funny about Hillary’s run for president.

b.) No performer who ever hopes to work in entertainment again is willing to mock her as she deserves.

c.) Leftist only want to have their own notions reinforced, not challenged by the true nature of their candidate.

d.) All the above

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  1. There’s something of the left trying to feel good about its candidate by mocking the other alternatives mercilessly.

  2. I used to occasionally watch Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Myers.
    No more.
    They both have taken over for David Letterman and the very angry liberal shtick.

    Seth has his head so far up Hillary’s ass she will never need a colonoscopy.
    Kimmel’s goofy mug used to make me laugh but for some reason he decided to blame conservatives for everything with angry rants during his monologue.

    Who needs em anyway?

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