Moldova Opposition Election Candidates: We’re Being Poisoned!

ET: CHISINAU, Moldova—Two opposition leaders have accused Moldovan authorities of poisoning them, drawing a rapid denial from the ruling party, just days before a parliamentary election that threatens to tip the east European country back into crisis.

Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase said doctors had discovered heavy metals in their blood. The two have joined forces to campaign against the ruling Democratic Party ahead of the Feb. 24 vote and accuse its leadership of rampant corruption.

“Suspicions arise, and against the background of the attitude of the current government to those whom they think are dangerous, this case should be taken seriously,” Sandu said.

“The authorities want our deaths,” Nastase added.  more here

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  1. Vince Foster, Seth Rich, Jerry Luther Parks, Ron Brown, Barbara Wise, John Hillyer, James McDougal, Gareth Williams, Joe Montano, Shawn Lucas, Victor Thorn and many others can attest that if powerful political leadership want you dead, YOU will be DEAD!


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