Molly Hemingway Calls Out NPR For Self-Serving Errors

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway compared the story reported by NPR’s Phillip Ewing to the actual Senate Judiciary Committee’s transcripts of the September 2017 testimony of Donald Trump, Jr.

Ewing’s mistakes left NPR’s audience with the impression that there is some connection between Cohen’s false testimony plea and the President’s business dealings with Russia prior to the election.

Rather than pull the error riddled article, NPR’s editors instead posted an update noting the errors of their reporter while trying to maintain the fiction of some link between favors granted by the President to the Russians for leaking damaging materials about the Clinton campaign in 2016. More

8 Comments on Molly Hemingway Calls Out NPR For Self-Serving Errors

  1. Standard Fake News Practice:

    1. Spread blatant lie to hurt your target.

    2. Wait until salacious story has saturated news media cycle and social networks.

    3. Place tepid editors note at bottom of story’s original URL page, knowing full well that no one will read it.

    4. Never apologize nor admit that you fucking lied your goddamn motherfucking asses off.

    5. Watch fake story repeated years down the road, which means you’ve virtually rewrote history to hurt your target.

  2. The frog is now boiling. We have government run intelligence agencies, the IRS and propaganda outlets trying to overthrow a president in favor of socialist totalitarians. Do the republicans in congress say anything? They will hardly look up from their sandbox.

  3. Expecting NPR/PBS to broadcast ANY non “progressive” truth is not much different from expecting the very hungry lion not to eat you because “you pose no threat to him”.

    BTW, that last incredibly fatuous phrase was uttered to one of our sons and his wife by two MT. State U PhDs (Psych. and Educ.) regarding grizzly bears, during a long hike in grizzly bear country. They were taking exception to our son being armed. I’m not sure son and d-i-l ever hiked with those two again.

  4. I happened to be listening when one of the dicks were reporting on the Acosta assault of the intern. Made my blood boil


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