Mom Drops Logic Bomb on Militant Deviancy

kristi meritt

Moonbattery: Sanctimonious left-wing jackasses like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams who won’t perform in North Carolina because the state does not kowtow to the homosexual agenda by allowing men to use the ladies room are invited to answer a few simple questions posed by a mom named Kristi Merritt: more

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  1. I shared Kristi Merritt’s post less than 30 minutes ago! The more I see the disinformation about HB2, the more I am sure it was a planned attack to influence the November elections. McCrory is fighting our Dem Attorney General for his office, and the left want’s to pretend the single gender shower bill is about where cross dressers pee. For those that are uninformed, Charlotte passed a law that required all bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, changing rooms and more at ALL private businesses like malls, gyms, fitness centers, non-profits, churches, parks, pools and more to be open to anybody based on their “declared” gender identity at that particular moment, and made it a crime to remove a man from a little girls bathroom. It included all public schools. K-12 and higher education showers, bathrooms and locker rooms would have become open to all 58 genders. HB2 reversed the mandate on private business to submit to the gender confused and made all state controlled facilities that are multi-use single gender. It DID NOT stop any private business to allow free for all all gender nudity in their privately owned showers. It is their business decision to allow old men in little girls bathrooms.

    HB2 killed an over reaching idiotic mandate on private business and secured public schools locker rooms.

    The “pundits” that are claiming this is a religious freedom bill are lying their asses of, and are doing it intentionally. Public bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms and showers should be gender specific based on science, not feelings!

    Thank you Gov. McCrory!

  2. this whole transgender hogwash is so simple to stop, yet no one wants to do the simplest thing in the world to end this foolishness

    you got a penis, a dick, a rod, a Johnson, a prick, a cock, a weasel, a trouser snake, a doolappy (my brother’s term; he’s weird), a wiener, a tallywacker, you go in this door that has a bright yellow banana sign on it

    you got a vagina, a pussy, a va-jay-jay, a cunt, a hair pie, a bearded clam, a beaver, a kooter, a kooch, a poontang, a whisker biscuit, you go in the other door that has a nice piece of cherry pie sign on it

    we’re not here to judge … we just want you to have the utmost comfort & assurance that your particular ‘equipment’ is properly cared for in our properly-built facilities that service your particular ‘equipment’, and to assure that you & your ‘equipment’ have the best experience that we can possibly give it….if you are of a confused nature & don’t know what particular type of ‘equipment’ you have, one of our certified Homeland Security TSA-trained experts will be glad to help you ‘straighten it out’

    no one actually wants to go this route because they’d rather have an ‘issue’
    seriously folks, cut the crap, it’s just that simple

  3. Hey, if I “identify” as a multi-trillionaire, will the trans-sanity lunatics start a gofund me campaign to cater to my financial delusion with their own money?

    If they don’t, they’re obviously trans-wealth phobic and racists.

    Or maybe demand the glorious government give me trillions of tax dollars, even at the expense of “their” Free Shit?

  4. Anybody up for other ideas?
    Such as –
    Does a microphone, a leather jacket, and a pack of cigarettes make her Bruce Springsteen?

    Does a fat suit, a grungy baseball cap and bad body odor make her Michael Moore?

    Do large nostrils make her Henry Waxman?

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