Mom sues Instagram, Snapchat companies after 11-year-old’s suicide

NYP: The mother of an 11-year-old girl who killed herself last year after allegedly developing an “extreme addition” to Instagram and Snapchat has sued the two social media companies in federal court.

The girl’s mother, Tammy Rodriguez of Enfield, Conn., filed the lawsuit against the parent companies of both tech platforms in San Francisco federal court on Thursday.

She claims that her daughter, Selena, became addicted to the two apps — so much so that when she tried to limit her daughter’s access to them, she ran away from home. more

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  1. Maybe the mother should have been more invested in her 11 year old. For example, not letting her have free access to such addictive crap to begin with. I am sorry for this little girl that didn’t get the guidance she needed.

  2. Smart phones are the new nannies. I’m willing to go back to my phone on the wall and adding machines. Would probably solve a lot of todays problems.

  3. Yeah so uhm liquor companies should be sued because people are alcoholics?

    Sorry, no. There was a lot more wrong with the parenting and the kid than just an addiction to social media.

  4. Maybe her daughter was addicted to social media because she was not allowed to socialize normally with friends due to lockdowns, masks, etc. She is better served suing the Connecticut Governor, Assembly, school board, CDC, NIH , etc.

  5. One of the five main stages of grief is anger. One of the main expressions of that anger is assigning blame.

    Gird yourself. I feel a rant coming on.

    Most parents are today guilty of believing their young children are so autonomous that they, the parent, have no right to interfere with the thoughts in their children’s developing minds. What else would explain this hands-off approach to what their kids decide for themselves is good and responsible behavior? You see it everywhere, starting with the mother who lets her toddlers stand up in the grocery cart as she wheels along over a concrete supermarket floor. If a kid is too old to sit, strapped into the place for them, then they’re big enough to walk alongside mum — and keep their hands off the stuff on the shelves. No wonder kids don’t mature until they’re well into their 30’s now. They’re riding along in a stroller until they’re old enough for grade school. Why walk — ever — if you go from grocery cart to stroller to electric skooter to Uber without those $90.00 sneakers ever wearing out.

    And who lets their young children decide they are not the sex/gender the good Lord made them at conception? The same parents who spend “quality time” with them, carefully explaining that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are dangerous myths, that’s who.

    You have a kid with an “extreme addiction” to social media? Take away their access to social media, print out a list of chores, make your expectations about academic achievement clear, make them earn whatever spending money they get, and severely limit your own use of the internet and cable tee vee. It’s called sacrificing your own interests in order to not raise a foolish person who might kill themself because exposure to strangers on social media drove them to it. Problem solved.

    And stop whining about being a “single mom”. Even married moms are “single” when it comes to raising young children. It’s nature’s way.


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