Monday Schadenfreude: Chesa Boudin gets religion on shoplifting

American Thinker:
By Monica Showalter

There’s nothing like a smarmy, smug leftist who’s realized he’s cooked his own goose.

That brings us to the case of Chesa Boudin, the district attorney of San Francisco, who’s effectively legalized shoplifting in the name of “criminal justice reform.”  He’s prompted massive store closures with ugly videos of broad-daylight robberies on large and small stores.  Boudin’s refusal to prosecute has turned San Francisco into another socialist crime pit, Caracas.  And now, like his mentor Hugo Chávez, he’s facing a voter recall.

This seems to be concentrating his mind, given that he’s suddenly changing his tune — and comically enough, fooling no one.

Here’s his tweet condemning the brazen open-air robbery on the Louis Vuitton boutique on tony Union Square: more

9 Comments on Monday Schadenfreude: Chesa Boudin gets religion on shoplifting

  1. Accuracy of reporting… robbery is not shoplifting nor snatch and grab theft. It requires force against the victim. I wish these commentators would figure out how to be more precise with their terms.

    That said, it doesn’t excuse retail they or any other flavor of theft.

  2. To repeat the obvious, something I mention regularly, they…do…not…think…like…us!!!

    For every lib that thinks shoplifting is bad, there are 3 that will justify it in the name of equity. Those high end stores, flashing their expensive goods in window displays, rubbing it in the noses of all the more deserving but less affluent, those stores were just asking for it.

    Chesa Boudin has about as much chance of getting recalled as Gov. Newsom, and they both have the same backer in the form of that Hungarian Billionaire who’s face looks like a ball sack.

  3. Haven’t been in that city for 40+ years. Today, I wouldn’t even drive through it if you paid me. It’s so easy to bypass. Maybe it’s time for it to get a ghostly visit from Charles Richter.

  4. Most people misunderstand who pays for the shoplifting. It is not the businesses it is all the consumers who pay in higher prices. Businesses do not pay taxes they collect them. As for me shoplifters should be shot on sight along with looters and rioters

  5. The only poverty these thieves have is a poverty of the soul. Every one of them have smart phones. Real poverty has no phone.

    Pray for them. God can reach those we think are unreachable.

  6. All the stores should just shut down. Nothing to steal then but the plywood on the window holes.

  7. There will come a change once the high end retail keeps getting hammered. It’ll take a bit but the money people who signal their virtue by voting for twats like Cheesie won’t long tolerate ‘their’ stuff being taken by these (mostly brown) untermenschen.

  8. I would not rob the ignorant piece of shit myself… but on the other hand wouldn’t have a problem if the assholes he encouraged stole every Goddamned thing the son of a bitch has or will ever have


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