Monday’s Rally in Virginia Now Has Restricted Airspace

This Virginia rally looks more and more like a setup as it gets closer. Sounds like they don’t want any drone videos. – bad brad

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  1. First and Second Amendments? YOU don’t need no First and Second Amendments. We’re the government and we are going to do everything we can to make it as hard as possible for you to exercise your First and Second Amendment rights!

  2. BB is on top of these things.
    Scary false flag could happen.
    I saw on a web site where the govt.
    was looking for crisis actors in the area…
    What does all this tell you about the Govt. ???

  3. Why in the hell would ANYONE show up? Just to ‘say’ “you can’t take away my firearms”? Who the fcuk cares what laws they pass/don’t pass. Self protection is a God given right not granted by any human being.

    It’s not much different here in NY with the SAFE ACT. Pass alllll the ‘intimidating’ laws ya want, in the middle of the night btw, you think the people in the ADK’s give a fuck??

    No they don’t.

    Again, don’t show up and let the Antifags get in all the trouble.

    Look up Matt Brackens’ thoughts on this and what is going on over at WRSA.

  4. the D’Rats are definitely poking the bee’s nest … they want factions to kill each other. they want it bad … they want chaos … the better to declare even more draconian unconstitutional measures … bank on it

    … & going into the election, they’ll blame Trump for it all

    they are truly despicable

  5. Would not go in that cordoned off assembly area. Relocate and assemble your protest where they aren’t ready for you. Put the authorities on the defense instead of offense. Sounds to much like a setup.

  6. Everyone needs to stay away, with paid goons fake Trump supporters showing up and Antifa showing up there will be trouble.
    The state is bringing in real heavy fire power plus the National Guard,it is a set up.
    One thing thou, they are very afraid or their own people,as they should be. They are not our masters they work for us.

  7. Patriots own most of Virginia with the exception of this postage stamp sized kill box.Why go to them. Especially arriving in a tour bus, unarmed. I hope these Militias are communicating and have some sort of Command and Control. Sooner or later it’s going hot though. It’s unavoidable

  8. @ Brad and all others……
    We are going in Monday. We will see how it plays out. We are not idiots but that doesn’t mean we won’t perish. I am happy that we have so many patriots in Virginia.
    Come summer, I will relocate. Ruck falph northam. fookin commie fookin bastid.

  9. I’m going down there tomorrow to take pictures of La Cage Au Morte. Won’t go there on Monday. Will send pics to BFH and MJA if there is anything interesting.

    My feeling is ‘abandon all hope ye who enter here.’

  10. Crackerbaby/PHenry

    What’s the local scuttlebutt on the disastrous outcome of this election. Voter participation?

  11. Cracker, my thoughts will be with you. Keep your eyes moving and your ears working. Don’t trust anyone you don’t personally know. Situational awareness is your best friend. Good luck.👍

  12. PH, keep an eye out for out of place dark tinted/mirrored glass. Surveillance loves those. Probably see a lot of windowless vans and box trucks also.

  13. This thing stinks to hell. Box them in, now no air space? WTH is next? I’m not loving where this shit is going.

  14. I noticed an entry on Lucifer’s Schedule Calendar for Monday, January 20: Michael King and I will make an appearance at Advocacy Day in Virginia. Clothing optional.

  15. I’m with BB on this one. Stay home, bury your weapons with extra ammo and mags. If they show up to take you stuff give them the boating accident story. I’ve got a bad feeling about this whole thing. Remember, the deep state killed Kennedy when he wouldn’t play their game.

  16. Yep, they’ve got a bunch of Antifa goons taking showers for the first time in months, getting crew cuts, dressing in normal clothes, being drilled in racist slogans, and assigned “right wing” symbols right out of central casting. They’re gonna go in there and repeat Charlottesville. The legit gun rights marchers will be corralled in and put right in the path of armed Antifa people. People better be ready. The script is already written and the DNC news hacks have their scripts already pre-written.

    The FBI probably has some nutter stashed in a safe house right now being hypnotized with instructions to do some terrorist act against a predesignated pack of lefty protestors.

  17. Brad was out early with warnings on this. And to be honest I somewhat disagreed at first, but I don’t anymore. We are dealing with a desperate deep state that is capable of anything. There is a Zero Hedge story today about GPS jamming on the east coast, as well as FBI confiscating night vision paraphernalia. Zero Hedge is pretty careful about most of what they report. Is this all connected, who knows?

  18. @Bad Brad. Bloomberg and that group that picks women to run showered big $$$$ on the General Assembly race last year and in a state with 5.6 million voters they won by 10,000 votes. Lazy gun owners put us in this position.
    My guy is solid in the House of Delegates. Senator is a west end Henrico broad that were recently redistricted into. She’s a Republican squish who is a surrender monkey. Caved on universal background checks.

    We’re in serious trouble here, but ultimately, this will be a battle in the courts. And probably will end up with the Supremes. Hopefully, the drooling idiot old lady will do us a favor.

  19. Custer, that’s not really an accurate description of my position. Trouble coming. The powers to be in Virginia are looking for an excuse. Make it happen on our turf. Right now the Libtards are hand feeding the media the narrative they want to project. Be ready, do what needs to be done, and make sure your actions will create a predictable reaction on their part. They are not that good.

  20. Anybody going to the event should dress nice as you will be in LOTS of pictures. Before you arrive to the designated area, when you arrive to designated area and when/if you leave. You will probably get entered into some sort of gov. database and be given some cute label as a member of some dastardly organization.

  21. Facial recognition on steroids.
    Fifty times the snapshots at gun shows.

    “Smile pretty & watch the birdie!”

  22. Be careful Virginia. Be like water, run past the stones. They have you in a box at the Capitol grounds and they have their picked provocateurs to start the killing. Decentralized organization beneath the surface of the water’s flow is better than being dammed up in a kill zone. The communists will not hesitate to start a firefight against peaceful unarmed citizens, in fact they’ll welcome it. They have plenty of throwdown weapons to leave onsite to prove their righteous firing.

  23. Yes Virginia,

    there is a first and second amendment and your governor wants to take them away from you….or make you “Patrick Henry” it.

    Prayers and scary anticipation of anitfa…

  24. PHenry, there are two groups who pick women to run for office. The one that is growing at an alarming rate is the one funded by George Soros. Emerge America and its 50 branches.
    Maine alone has 51 alum in the state. Most are from other states. They have advisors like Hillary, Donna Brazile, and many others whose names you would recognize.

  25. Why did Governor Blackface specifically mention drones?????? He knows something we don’t???? maybe the State is going to fly “Drones” over the area and use them as part of their false flag Operation

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