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Monica Lewinsky Blows… the Lid Off the Liberal Hive Mind That Was Once Twitter

The kneeler is bewildered. She is complaining that she is suddenly seeing a lot of negative comments whenever she tweets out some inanity.

Yes, Monica, that is what happens when the algorithm is reset to neutral. In the past you thought you were churning out absolute pearls because conservative voices were throttled and supporessed. Now they’re not, and there is a lot of blowback (sorry) when you say something stupid.

It sucks, (sorry) but you’ll have to cope.

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18 Comments on Monica Lewinsky Blows… the Lid Off the Liberal Hive Mind That Was Once Twitter

  1. I heard she passed through town a while ago, so I went out a checked my truck. Sure enough, the chrome was gone from my trailer hitch.

  2. That’s how it works in prog world. I’ve lived between Portland and Seattle for half a century and been telling people only to have them scoff. The skepticism ceased about four or five years ago. The fuckers are all the same irrespective of where you find a critical mass of them. They control who can comment on every subject then pat themselves and take a victory lap shouting everyone agreed with us.

  3. Many Years ago, when Billy changed the definition of SEXUAL RELATIONS on Live TV & also LIED blatantly, I actually felt bad for her. She is 3 years younger than me and was obviously manipulated by Slick Willy who was also her boss. Now days, a CEO looses everything for similar behaviour and rightfully so.

    She was also a social climber(the old way).

    What I still fail to understand is how she compartmentalized what happened to her within the Clintons & the press. IT WAS ALL of The DEMOS & Their Political machine that went after her. She really was one of the first people to be Cyber Bullied on line & was close to suicide. (possibly Arkancide too)

    What PISSES me OFF is the she STILL has NOT GROWN UP & continues to support the Demos.

    I have watched her TED Talk, it is actually quite good. Everyone makes mistakes, But my god Girl, WAKE the HELL UP & help break the Repeating Cycle. 80% of Politicians are complete Snakes but the current Demos are just that much worse and she still votes for them.

    Political Stockholm Syndrome

  4. One would think a person taken (very partial) advantage of and then run through the public wringer and shit on by the lot would have some perspective and appropriate understanding develop. She must have deep family credentials in the red diaper racket and money must have drifted her way pretty extensively to keep her on the plantation. Or, maybe she’s just another sociopathic moron of the left.

  5. As far as we know, Monica Lewinsky only blew it once and there have been thousands of articles written about her. Kamala Harris spent years doing the same thing and no one wants to touch her.

  6. Yet another bimbo whose peddling of fake designer handbags didn’t work out too well. Perhaps another desk will make her feel better.

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