Monica Lewinsky Reveals What She Thought The Stain On Her Blue Dress Was

Monica Lewinsky thought the semen stain on her dress from President Bill Clinton was actually spinach dip, according to a new series of interviews on the Clinton affair. – Article here

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  1. Could that girl be any stupider? How many spinach dip jokes do you think we are going to hear now. And I used to like spinach dip. I don’t think I can eat it now.

  2. spinach dip … splooge drip …. whatever

    btw, Willie might want to get that lumpy, greenis discharge checked out

  3. She would have you believe that Bill Clinton left her damaged, she is a common gutter slut and has been since prior to her interaction w/Clinton. Not that that does anything to mitigate his behavior, but I have had about enough of this two-bit strumpet acting all like she was something other than a village bike since her high school days.

    Village Bicycle
    A slutty chick who has had sex with many people. Derived from the meaning of a small town, with one bike to go places. All in all, everybody has ridden the bike.

  4. Nobody’s gonna believe you’re that stupid, Monica. You knew what it was.

    I guarantee Hillary would never have any on HER dress….er, moo moo.

  5. I don’t get invited to many house parties, especially those hosted by libs, but if I do I’m bringing spinach dip. That will take care of any future invitations.

  6. Her recipe for making spinach dip differs wildly from mine. To wit, spinachless spinach dip.

    And who doesn’t remember that fantastic dip you had that time and the chip broke off and it plopped all over your fancy dress but you loved the dip so much that you wrapped it in plastic to show to a co-worker later on.

    And then DNA tested the dip to see what kind it was. Savoy, Flat leaf…I’m gonna go with baby spoon.

    If you are what you eat, she truly is as dumb as a bag of dicks.

  7. From what is available in the public record there was also oral-anal activity admitted to and acknowledged…

    Give it up Monica. You two are just about as filthy and disgusting as they come

  8. So then why didn’t she have the blue dress cleaned ?? I thought she preserved the ‘stain’ as some kind of legacy, and not of “spinach dip”. C’mon, Bill’s not Popeye and you’re not Olive Oil.

  9. Better check her stock portfolio, I bet she has shorted the spinach market thinking she will make a killing. Do they have spinach futures? If they do she has killed the spinach market.

  10. Oh man that means she was tossing his salad and figured it was the normal shart splatter she was so used to.

    I am gonna hurl.

  11. Hey Monica.

    The fact that it most likely smelled like a quarter pounder and cheese and stale bleach should have been your first clue that it was Bill’s semen sauce.

    You airhead!

  12. She’s still crazy after all these years – constant contradiction and denial. The only reason she hasn’t been “silenced” by the Clintons, is because she’s too high profile. Spiniach dip?! Wow, Yeah. She really is a warped sleeze.

  13. Spinach farmers of America need to sue her ass for everything she has ever had, and every thing she will ever have. She has ruined the spinach industry for a generation. Who here will dip there chip into fresh spinach dip and not think……’s too gross to think. I’m done.

  14. Ann Thracts November 14, 2018 at 11:12 am

    Once, I thought I sat on Limberger cheese, but it was just a, a …..never mind.


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