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Monica Lewinsky to The View?

DailyMail EXCLUSIVE: Who needs Rosie O’Donnell? Monica Lewinsky tapped by Barbara Walters to bring the mojo back to The View and make it the ‘runaway success’ it once was

monica lewinsky

  • The grand dame of broadcasters believes that Monica Lewinsky has the right stuff to bring The View back from the brink
  • The former White House intern would also draw great guests – although probably not Hillary or Bill Clinton
  • Her recent TED Talk on ‘The Price of Fame ‘redefines her story as the first victim of cyber-bullying
  • In recent weeks Nielsen ratings showed that The Talk beat out The View for the first time but The View made a comeback


28 Comments on Monica Lewinsky to The View?

  1. Free cigar and a head job for the first ten ticket buyers.


    Females are out of luck, unless you’re into a little head.

    And you want to promote “The View.”

    Which needs promoting.

  2. bawbwa thinks monica got the short end of the stick?

    Now that’s a mouth full !

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  3. Maybe it will work out for her.
    She looks like she could USE a break.

    Those bitches are probably jealous of her.
    Twisted fuckin’ harpies.

  4. Of course Monica Lewinsky is well aware of what her notoriety’s about and it is a job. It sounds like a win-win.

  5. Barbra: Oh Monica, what is that perfume you have on?
    Monika: It’s called “Come to me” it’s AVON, you like it?
    Barbra. It’s beautiful honey I………..
    Woopie: Don’t smell like cum to me.

  6. You know what’s weird about little miss Accu Suck? Here nipples are always down around her navel. Every picture I’ve ever seen. Is she a Trani?

  7. An ambulatory Hillary would have quashed this idea with one phone call. As it is, she can only press her Life Alert button with feeble, delirium tremens fingers. Maybe Trey Gowdy can get Monica TV nixed in return for Hillary’s cooperation with his investigation.

  8. The View? I thought she was on What not to wear. Who the Hell dresses her?

    Speaking of Hilary’s husband’s ex-girlfriend, Bill had a server go down once……but enough about Monica.

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