Monkeys Not Seeking Occupy’s Version of “Fairness”

This video (which is hilarious and a must see) is mischaracterized by the presenter. At the end of this video he says the monkeys are displaying the same behavior as the people protesting Wall Street (occupiers.)

But that is completely wrong. The occupiers weren’t protesting for equal pay for equal tasks. They were protesting for a bastardized version of “fairness,” fairness as THEY saw it, which would mean the dismantling of capitalism and the installation of communism. Communism is not fair.

Take a look—

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  1. The monkeys like grapes more then cucumbers. And monkeys are jealous. So he takes these facts and uses them
    to rationalize a wholly unrelated topic-unequal pay.

    I believe in the division of labor. If a brain surgeon spends 2 hours on my brain and I get a bill for $30,000 I will have to spend 400 hours in my studio to pay for it. I happen to believe this is fair. I get to do what I love doing and use it to pay for a life saving procedure.

    Should I hit the streets and demand that he work for the same rate as me? If you believe so, then you are a communist.

    You also will never have brain surgery if you need it.

    The market is distorted when people can use the state to force us to pay them a higher then a market clearing price. The brain surgeon earns his pay because there are so few of them. The teacher making $125,000 with retirement at 50 with a $100,000+ pension and benefits is vastly overpaid.

    But that’s nothing compared to too big to fail-that’s where we really go off the rails.

    The Wall St broker that can earn millions in a day manipulating financial instruments doesn’t sit well with me, I have to admit. I believe these institutions, in collusion with the government, really do have the system rigged. When these huge banks and brokerages receive 100s of billions of fairy dust money to cover malpractice rather then going bankrupt, you have to be blind to not see it.

    There’s a reason the richest counties in the country are around DC. It’s rotten. It stinks. Get yourself elected to Congress, go along for 10-20 years, retire and get yourself put on some fucking board or go to K St.

    It really is enough for me to start throwing cucumbers. Not because I’m jealous of anyone’s wealth but because they are literally stealing the future.

  2. I’d say the monkeys are showing that the free market is a better choice than government control. The monkeys didn’t have a choice in their reward – the researcher (government) decided what was “fair”.

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