Monsoon Rains Flood Death Valley Leaving Roads Impassable – IOTW Report

Monsoon Rains Flood Death Valley Leaving Roads Impassable

FOX Weather: Thunderstorms driven by the summertime monsoon pattern are causing some flash flooding issues in the Desert Southwest Friday – particularly southeastern California.

Flooding has closed every road in Death Valley National Park, according to the National Park Service. Several roads have been damaged by the floodwaters.

Major flooding along Cow Creek and Furnace Creek areas have left the Cow Creek water system broken, according to a National Weather Service storm report. Highway 190 is closed through much of the area. more here

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  1. Somehow, “monsoon” and “death valley” don’t fit well in the same sentence.
    Who knew there was a “monsoon” season in the desert country…
    I’m from the mid-atlantic region. The old joke here is “Don’t like the weather? Wait until tomorrow…”.

  2. Death Valley has one the largest aquifers under it in the US.
    Drive from Vegas to Pahrump and it is ugly brown but when you get into Pahrump it is green and water city, fountains every where.
    Death Valley also has a golf course lined with palm trees 100 feet tall and the course is as green as any course you would see in any city.
    It was a real surprise to come across it. Its closed mid morning to late afternoon

  3. About 15 years ago, we experienced a thunderstorm at Death Valley. We were just at the end of our stay the night the storm came through. I was excited because it is very rare to have rain in Death Valley. I was also a bit scared because I know the danger of flash floods. It is scary how quickly the desert can turn on you!
    When we attempted to leave the next morning, the southern road out of the park was washed away. We had to detour through Las Vegas.
    Watch this video from flash flood in Anza Borrego desert. Notice how it isn’t raining where it is flooding!

  4. #Jethro .. I knew

    In Phoenix, starting in the month of July we will get sudden thunderstorms in the afternoon that will drop an inch of rain less than an hour. These storms originate in the Gulf of Mexico.

    We have always called these storms the summer monsoons, as long as Ive been alive

    About a week ago, a monsoon dumped 2.2 inches on my neighborhood in an hours time .. Probably the heaviest downpour in 30 years

  5. South West desert monsoon season, 4th of July to Labor Day, God turns on the faucet and leaves it running.
    Lived 10 years down at Ft Huachuca.


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