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Monster Wave Hits Antarctica Cruise Ship

DailyMail UK: An American woman was killed and four other passengers injured when a massive wave struck the Viking Polaris cruise ship while it was sailing towards the port of Ushuaia in southern Argentina on an Antarctic cruise, authorities said. 

The Viking Polaris cruise ship was sailing Wednesday towards Ushuaia in Argentina — the main starting point for expeditions to Antarctica — when there was ‘a rogue wave incident,’ a representative of the Viking cruise company said in a statement.

A 62-year-old American woman, who has not been identified, was killed by broken glass when the monster wave broke a cabin window, according to the Argentine Naval Prefecture. Four others were injured.

A couple from North Carolina who were passengers onboard the Viking Polaris, which charges about $13,000 for the two-week trip, told WRAL News: ‘It was just sudden, shocking, we didn’t know if we could get our gear ready for abandoning ship.’ The couple initially wondered if they had hit an iceberg, but the rouge wave had been whipped up by an arctic storm. MORE

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  1. One memorable trip was from NZ to Tasmania across the Tasman Sea. Nobody allowed on deck because of the 100MPH wind and waves that tossed people out of bed. Hell of a lot of fun actually. I couldnt get over the power of the engines that drove us through that.

  2. Been hit by a rouge during a storm where the “normal” waves were 33 footers. The power crushed in the bow of our ship and resulted a redesign of the DDG class ships with reinforced hulls up forward.
    Rouge waves are no joke.

  3. Scary. 12′ seas are the biggest I have
    ever encountered. Gulf of Mexico.That
    was enough for me….

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