Montana: US Senate candidate Wilmot Collins (D) charged with leaving crash scene

Independent Record: Helena mayor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Wilmot Collins is accused of rear-ending another driver’s vehicle and leaving the scene of the crash.

Collins, 55, is being charged with misdemeanor counts of careless driving and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

Kimberly Doherty, a 35-year-old Butte woman, reported a hit-and-run crash around 6:42 p.m. Monday. Doherty told Helena police she was driving southbound on Last Chance Gulch before stopping to turn left onto Lyndale Avenue, when she was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Collins.

Doherty told police she pulled over as Collins continued west on Lyndale. She later told the Independent Record she followed him while honking her horn, and they both pulled into the Van’s Thriftway parking lot in the 300 block of Euclid Avenue.

Collins provided his business card to Doherty and then left, police reported. Doherty told the Independent Record she waited in the Van’s parking lot for around an hour before Helena police officers arrived to take her statement.

Police met with Collins later that night, and the case was forwarded to the Lewis and Clark County Attorney’s Office due to a conflict of interest with the Helena City Attorney’s Office. The County Attorney’s Office filed the charges against Collins, who was instructed to appear in Lewis and Clark County Justice Court at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 28.

Both vehicles had minor damage and no injuries were reported, police reported.

Collins released a statement Friday afternoon that gave his version of the incident.  more here

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  1. Collins:

    I was at the stop light at Euclid and Last Chance, when I accidentally nudged the back of a car that was stopped in front of me. The contact was so light that I did not realize I had made contact with the other vehicle.


    Both vehicles had minor damage and no injuries were reported, police reported.

    If there was damage, even minor damage, but Collins didn’t feel the contact, then he must have been drunk.

  2. Democrat low-life.

    Is there any other kind anymore?

    Mr. Butt seems decent, but incompetent as all fuck.

  3. Whoa, Black Beto, bam-ba-lam
    Whoa, Black Beto, bam-ba-lam
    Black Beto hit a car, bam-ba-lam
    Didn’t get too far, bam-ba-lam…

  4. He seems to have managed to put a lot of time between the accident and finally talking to the cops. I wonder if they gave him a breathalyzer? Oh, wait now. Didn’t the cops take an hour just to get to the parking lot where Collins gave his business card to the victim then not visit Collins until later that evening? Right, even though it’s Montana he’s a Democrat.

  5. What’s new?? Democrats always create havoc and chaos then leave the area as though they had nothing to do with it…..leaving someone else to deal with the mess.

  6. So? Lotsa democrats are known for rear ending. Right Barry and Big Mike? How bout Buttgiggle? Barney Fwank? Hollywood? San Fan Crisco anyone? How bout Portland and Seattle? Boston, New York City, Chicongo?

  7. Dammit Thirdtwin you stealing my mojo

    I was gonna go with

    Dem on the run, Dem on the run
    And the jailer man and sailor Sam
    We’re searching everyone
    For the Dem on the run

  8. The guy shoulda taken drunk driving lessons from Beto O’Rourke

    1) before drunk driving, make sure your father in law is a local judge who will corruptly cover up your boozehounding
    2) tell the cops “do you know who I am???”

    3) make sure to drive with one eye closed, so you won’t see double

    4) keep your driver’s window open for those sudden urges to vomit gobbets and chunks

  9. I have been to Montana several times and never seen a Black person. Where did this guy come from?

  10. @ Ranger76: From Liberia originally. Naturalized some years ago. Did some UN work before coming here to Nolackaloonies. Black, born in Liberia, naturalized citizen, worked for UN – guaranteed best ever credentials for elective office here in Nolackaloonies.

    @Anonymous: Exactly right! Nolackaloonies is a great place to live, once you learn how to ignore “The Smug”. But few MT towns can outdo Nolackaloonies for proud and constant virtue signaling.

  11. I should have added, FWIW, that Nolackaloonians are regarded with deep, abiding and justified suspicion by many if not most Montanans


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