‘Monty Python Was Too Male, Pale, Stale,’ Says Diversity-Obsessed BBC

John Cleese has been defending Monty Python‘s legacy.


34 Comments on ‘Monty Python Was Too Male, Pale, Stale,’ Says Diversity-Obsessed BBC

  1. I was always a big fan, Cleese being probably the best writer in the group, but John has said some incredibly stupid things more recently, including hateful bashing of Sarah Palin a few years back. Like most liberals, he doesn’t much like it when his own kind turn on him.

  2. The extermination of the white man (those of “European descent”) continues. This is being done by the elite white rulers who view other white men as their competition and adversaries.

  3. There is a big disconnect for the leftist tools – they see diversity as skin color. Exactly why Apple fired their black female diversity chief last year when she dared to say whites can be diverse.
    And it is one-sided too. Is anyone going to be criticizing Spike Lee for having all blacks in his films?

  4. Time for a sequel more fitting for today’s society…

    Monty Python’s “March to mecca”

    If they made the original today it would be

    Monty Python’s “The Trip to Jail”

  5. Unfortunately Monty Python’s humor just like Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles is no longer acceptable by the lefttards because it’s funny and they can’t stand being laughed at or mocked so they ban any kind of humor and vulgarity except for attacks on the deplorables and Donald Trump. Believe me we deplorables love good humor, Monty Python, Mel Brooks movies, the Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, Peter Sellers, Stan Freberg, Firesign Theater, Loonie Tunes and Bugs Bunny etc. etc. The left doesn’t and can only mock and ridicule everything they disagree with including good humor. You have to be smart to enjoy a good joke or pun and the left hates being smart since it takes away their power and control over the unwashed masses, plebes and Philistines like the deplorables. Too bad someone can’t read the lethal joke to them from Monty Python and cause themselves to laugh themselves to death all while not understanding that they’ve been punked.

  6. Loved Monty Python when I could get it. It was on PBS, after all, and we had only one TV at the time, controlled by parents. Have the DVD now, tho.

  7. Geoff the aardvark, you could run at the left with the funniest joke ever told (just be sure to split it into several cards) and it would have no effect because the left has no sense of humor.

  8. Pale, male and stale. Like the late night TV clowns here. They’re getting older and slower each day, and none the darker. The jackals are watching, Steven. They saw you in that basketball game, Kimmel. Circle of life, fellas. The herd will move on without you.

  9. Graham Chapman of Monty Python was as gay as gay could get that he died from AIDS. That by it itself takes care of any diversity. He was also probably the funniest of all of them including John Cleese. Who else could’ve hilariously pulled off playing both King Arthur in The Holy Grail or Brian in The Life of Brian. My wife laughed so hard when Graham Chapman exposed himself totally buck assed naked in The Life of Brian. He was my favorite especially his portrayal of British Army Officers and strutting around like a crazed martinet.

  10. There will never, in my opinion, never ever be humor as rib-splitingly funny and as intellectually challenging as that of the MP troupe. Nearly all of their output was designed to challenge the norms of their time, especially that of philosophy. Given the time and the desire, one can trace most popular philosophical schools throughout their myriad skits.

    Cleese himself delivered one of the best circular ironicisms I’ll ever hear:

    I am sick and tired of being told that I should be sick and tired, because I’m certainly not. But I’m sick and tired of being told that I am.

    As for Chapman, see the “Gay Boys in Bondage” skit.

  11. “Bring out your dead!”
    “Buh, I’m not dead yet.”

    And now for something completely different.
    In the first few minutes of Holy Grail, the monks are chanting in Latin while smacking themselves with a board. In the lower right screen you can see one of the monks hit himself hard enough to cause himself to stumble.

  12. @F4U:

    Pie Iesu domine, dona eis requiem.

    Roughly translated, “Lord, gentle Lord Jesus, grant them eternal rest.”

  13. Fawlty Towers (Farty Towels, Flay Otters, Watery Fowls on the ever changing sign board in front of Fawlty Towers) was my favorite British comedy. John Cleese was hilarious as the henpecked Basil Fawlty and what can you say about Manuel the idiot Spanish servant that was so funny in his bumbling incompetence. He was a comedic genius in a Peter Sellers sort of way. Along with Bless Me Father in the late 70’s and early 80’s. My wife being a good ex Catholic loved that show, especially the Mother Superior.

  14. And to think that the BBC allowed CS Lewis airtime to speak on the radio during World War 2, my how times have changed. The BBC is more worthless than PBS and NPR combined in this country.

  15. @Anonymous June 22, 2018 at 8:56 am

    > This is being done by the elite white rulers who view other white men as their competition and adversaries.

    Not the best place to inject serious thought, but… Those are the rules they wrote to play the game they want to play. Clear the table, or walk away.

  16. The Marxists at BBC are readying the Memory Hole for Python. Just as the mangling and disappearance of Blazing Saddles and Looney Tunes with their crimethink contamination.

    Tyrants. Dennis is right, now we see the violence inherent in the (new) system!

  17. Monty Python was and is one the better hallmarks of British popular culture and comedy.

    It doesn’t matter how much the inane and talentless leftists ruining England try to say it isn’t so or that it’s aged poorly, they’re wrong (And they’re stupid.)

  18. “Albatross!”
    Ministry of Silly Walks
    The Architect Sketch
    The Piranha Brothers
    The Fish Dance
    The Lumberjack song
    The Cheese Shop
    The Pet Shop
    The Argument Clinic
    …and so on.


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