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Moore v. Jones — Moore Loses

iOTWreport projection says, unfortunately, Roy Moore has been defeated. Red counties are almost all counted with lots of blue counties with many votes uncounted.

Oh well. Red state Alabama has elected a hard left progressive in Doug Jones.



I’ll be updating the count below by changing the number, not adding underneath. Refresh page to see new results.

This is going to come down to Dallas County… the prognosis is grim for Moore. Dallas is a blue county.

88% reporting–

Roy Moore


Doug Jones





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  1. if the repubs lose this seat Trump has only himself to blame (& those that advised him) for picking the Keebler Elf, Little Jeffie, to be AG …. bad pick that has turned out too many negatives … including having to defend & support Moore as the presumed successor
    Sessions is like an albatross around Trump’s neck … huge avoidable political hit that, so far has merited little positives, no matter how this election turns out
    not happy in Molonland, not happy at all

  2. Just keep in mind that the video game lounge-lizard contingent votes first.

    Working people have to get home from WORK before they vote.

  3. It’s funny how the blue cities were reporting first, giving Jones an early “lead”. Then the rest of the districts started showing up.

  4. Doesn’t look like Fox’s BS Jones +10 is going to pan out. They decided to throw away their credibility in a lame attempt to suppress conservative voters.

  5. Voted this morning.
    At my polling place, a Doug Jones promoter had a card table with Jones paraphernalia blocking the pedestrian crosswalk and sidewalk where I walked. I had to walk around it in the street with my cane. I let him know how rude he was. He told me it was legal distance from polling place.
    Doug Jones supporters hate the unborn and the elderly born!

  6. To be honest with you, I just want Moore to win so I can see the characters over at MSNBC wear the face that only a shit sammich would induce.

  7. Bman December 12, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    To be honest with you, I just want Moore to win so I can see the characters over at MSNBC wear the face that only a shit sammich would induce.

    Me too! I just love that look on liberals faces! Eat it!

  8. Current stupid Daily Mail election headline: Prayer time in Alabama: Senate race goes down to the wire as accused pedophile Roy Moore sees Republican vote collapse after string of sexual harassment allegations.

    And nothing about the forged yearbook signature anywhere to be seen in the article.

  9. I think it should be SOP that if some female comes out of the woodwork several decades after the fact to accuse someone of a “crime” they should be WATERBOARDED or at least polygraphed to see if there is ANY validity to their claim. And if not lock their asses up until the spill the beans on who paid for their services.

  10. All the red counties are almost completely in. A lot of the remaining blue ones have a crap ton of precincts yet to report and most other blue counties have gone 70-81% for Jones.

    Looks over to me.

  11. BFH, are ya saying Jones opened Al Franken’s trunk and snatched his junk? And by junk, I mean fraudulent votes which conveniently turn up at the last minute to swing an election to the left. Natch

  12. Sessions should have gone back to hold onto this seat. It would have been no contest. At least that would have been something useful he’s done.

  13. “So Alabama voted for abortion”

    Alabama just voted against America. I’m sick. Look out DJT, here come the countless bitches you molested.

  14. Allred and her lying bitches and Mitch McConnell won. Mitch will be happy when he is minority leader so he won’t have all those responsibilities.

  15. Trump will be crucified by media but reality is he was right to back Strange originally. Guess Franken better pick a date to resign.

  16. @Anonymous -“Trump will be crucified by media but reality is he was right to back Strange originally. Guess Franken better pick a date to resign.”

    Trump will be crucified by the media but reality is he should have backed Mo Brooks originally.


  17. “Trump will be crucified by media but reality is he was right to back Strange originally. ”

    I made that point some weeks back and had everyone here pissed off at me. When Moore says something stupid, really stupid, like “I dated a 16 year old when I was 90, but with her parents permission”. Really? What the F are you thinking? That’s almost an admission of guilt.

  18. I agree Brad. Nobody in their mid 30’s dates teenagers and get my vote. This is an example of not having a candidate that I liked in the race.

  19. Bman, it doesn’t sound like allegations to me. He said when he was in his 30’s he was looking to date teenagers. Whether it is legal or not it isn’t something I admire in an adult.

  20. MJA

    Negatory. He will retire to clear the way for the on slot of bitches claiming they, and their pets, were molested by Donald Trump.

  21. We need to start using the liberal play book.
    Every liberal candidate is a mentally ill pervert child molester who smokes crack and cheats on his wife.
    Let them spend all their time proving they are not a criminal.

  22. Demand a recount and the verification of all voters and votes to match voter registration.
    impugning the character of am good man is what they do!

  23. It isn’t the voters who choose the winner, it’s the vote counters who decide who wins. An honest election would have Moore be the winner. Powerful election corruption has had big money, and smearing lies injected into this Alabama race. The most corrupt Republicans in Congress would kiss vile Hillary Clinton’s feet before they would ever let an ethical politician like Moore be in the Senate. This election is proving itself to be another political fraud perpetrated in this corrupt and criminally run country. At least, Moore has not been assassinated as of yet. But if he has the backing existent to ever run for President, his life will always be at risk while he is a living threat to the Republican Party mobsters. Groucho Marxist got it right!

  24. McTurtle and the RHINOs win again.

    Hope they are happy.

    May Richard Shelby rot in Hell.

    Very disappointed with my Alabama brothers.

    Every time we have a chance to send them a message that we won’t be fooled again, we blow it.

    Moore was much preferrable to Jones. If he was guilty of the accusations, he could have been prosecuted after the election.

    No one drowned in Moore’s car, as they did in Teddy Kennedy’s, referred to as the “Lion of the Senate”.

    The hypocrisy of our elites smells to high heaven.

  25. Bad_Brad- Not convinced. The Trump wimmins may disappear along with Moore’s wimmins. That’ll leave Megyn Kelly all alone again. 😀 This wasn’t about getting Trump, I think it was more to mess with Moore

  26. I still think the GOPe had something to do with bringing out the moore accusers. they messed with mcDaniels, too.
    moore got this far pretty much on his own. This should scare Mcconnell.

  27. Roy Moore only had to take on:

    Other than that, he almost won. Needed .8% more to win.

  28. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m not convinced that Moore really lost. Today the AL supreme court reversed an order by a lower court judge that the digital ballots be kept for a period of time if a recount is needed.

    From the article:

    But Duncan said that “the paper ballots aren’t really what’s counted” unless there is a statewide recount, which would be “cost-prohibitive” if the state were ever to undertake one.

    “The fact that none of their arguments makes any sense just makes you wonder what’s really at stake here. These machines are hack-able … That’s what worried us,” she said. “It’s just all about transparency. It’s like saying, ‘well, we don’t need a car because we have a horse and buggy.'”

    So the AL supreme court (of which many “justices” helped to force Chief Justice Roy Moore out of his position) rushed to make a ruling on a case within minutes of when an appeal was filed.

    If Moore wants a recount now, it will have to be paper ballots which would take months and cost a fortune. With digital voting records, the recount could be performed in a couple of days at most and I suspect could possibly be matched up against registration records to reveal voter fraud in the heavily democrat areas (that supposedly had unexpectedly high turnout).

    This whole thing is rotten to the core from the GOPe (a Yeb Bush operative) pushing the faked 40 year old stories of supposed sexual misconduct to the WAPO (which was only 2 alleged cases despite WAPO and the rest of the fake news media claiming 9 cases which included women that said they briefly dated Moore and he kissed them) to the local enemies of Roy Moore (like Richard Shelby).

  29. “Bad_Brad- Not convinced. The Trump wimmins may disappear along with Moore’s wimmins.”

    Yikes. You know I seldom differ with your opinion. In fact I’ll often wait to hear your opinion before passing judgment or offering my opinion. But I think you’re totally wrong on this one. I still love you though. LOL. I think there’s a storm coming.

  30. What I want to know is how many of the people here went out and knocked on doors and made phone calls for Moore in their home state.
    That’s what it takes to get your candidate elected.
    2018 is coming up soon , sit on your keyboard or get off your butts and really help get some one elected.
    No one said this was going to be easy.

  31. Alabama has lost its conservative clout. It now has a progressive GOPe/Democrat clot running through its veins. America is in grave danger without a hold on the Senate. Moore would have been at least a stop gap.

  32. Jones will only be in the Senate two years. I will now do what I used to do in CO and light up their phones and web forms. Speed dial here I come.

  33. “The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!”

    PRESIDENT Trump tweeted this about 20 minutes ago. That’ll piss off CNN.

  34. I saw something I’ve never seen before at my polling station last night. Lots of American Africans. Moore was outspent 14 to 1. The Republican party abandoned him.

  35. I keep saying this because it needs t be addressed:

    There is no party representing the majority of traditional Republican voters.

    Are you going back to them after Trump? Because what or who comes after him?

    Like the NFL, Republican Party, Inc. hates your guts. I cannot support them and they are just waiting Trump out so they can get back to business as usual.

    There is no succession plan here.

    And as you saw last night, Republican Party, Inc. preferred donating money and their votes to a leftwing Democrat than a flawed conservative.

  36. Now that the Libs will control the Senate, Trump should pull a reverse Obama and refuse to sign any bill the liberals (R’s & D’s) send to him.

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