Moose – “Living Under Trump is Like Living With a Divorced Dad”

What does that even mean?

It doesn’t matter, her base thinks it was a pearl of wisdom.

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34 Comments on Moose – “Living Under Trump is Like Living With a Divorced Dad”

  1. Divorced Dads:

    “Next time just abort the sucka…”

    Bitch wants to kill the child in the womb or starve it during school lunch.
    The bitch is evil personified.

  2. “Like living with a divorced dad….” I dunno’, worst case scenario seems to be that you’d be stuck with your two sisters and three half brothers upstairs with one bathroom while Alice, the downstairs maid, gets her own suite.

  3. The most undeserving entitlement laden ungrateful couple in history that the Clinton’s paved the way for.

  4. The Left lives off of trafficking in stereotypes but, in this case, they just like that She Fights Back.

    Some wonderful staffer contributed that hamfisted bon mot no doubt.

    We would all do well to pay heed to America’s Former First Lunch Lady. Her royal hair net is like an Indian dreamcatcher of her ghetto wit and wisdom.

  5. Good question, what does that mean?
    In lib-land men are toxic and automatically guilty of being at fault for every failure that has ever been. On the other hand soy boys and men who dress like women and / or choose homosexuality are people to be admired for their “courage”.
    So seeing as how Shelly Antoinette’s hubby is on the feminine side and wears mom jeans she obviously has a problem with real men and she sees Trump as too manly.

  6. Spending the weekend with Divorced Dad is infinitely better than spending the weekend with Frank Marshall Davis Jr.

  7. Wonder if she realizes those weekends for thousands and thousands of kids were also a major stressor trying to navigate their relationships with both parents who were weaponizing their kids.

    What a tone deaf horrible “woman”. She just accidentally triggered flashbacks for legions of adult children who survived their parents divorce.

  8. Hey, Moose! Hows that fat ass working for ya’? I only ask because it is apparent your attitude still sucks.

  9. Leftists have this odd notion that Americans perceive our President as Daddy. I guess Democrats must feel that way, and that’s why the ladies are having such a hard time getting traction in the Dem Primary campaign. And why What Happened, for that matter.

    And if Rump is our Divorced Dad, what does that make Barky? The creepy deadbeat who mom eventually had to get restraining order on?

  10. Well, to be fair…0webama’s divorced Dad (reportedly) lives

    in Kenya….I could see where that would suck.

  11. Hard campaigning and having to win converts is not what gets Mooch to pull her boob belt up in the morning.

    She was glad to be out of the White House.

  12. “Bitch wants to kill the child in the womb or starve it during school lunch.
    The bitch is evil personified.”

    I think you need to actually be female to be a “Bitch”, @LocoBlancoSaltine, but spot-on otherwise…

  13. Mooch just wants to replace divorced dad with Uncle Sam.

    You see, divorced dad actually makes you do your chores, and kicks your ass when you mouth off or step out of line.

  14. Better to live under the roof of the cool divorced dad than the evil marxist prick with the obvious tranny wife.

  15. Living with divorced dad because mom is a drug addicted alcoholic slut who can’t get her shit together and is totally incapable of parenting in any way, shape or form. Even though she tried to keep you for the child support payments, your dad saved your ass from having to live with this vile evil woman and the string of sociopaths she takes up with on an ongoing basis. Need I go on further?

  16. Mooch,
    you travelled the priciest parts of the world (to excess) on my dime. Not that you understood any of it, except for ordering the most expensive meals on each menu.

    STFU. You ugly man.

  17. I’ll take divorced dad over drugged out fairy muslim Marxist dad any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.


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