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Mexican migrant dies after fall from border wall in Arizona


An illegal immigrant succumbed this weekend to injuries from a fall from the border wall in Arizona, federal authorities said Sunday.

Agents found the 33-year-old Mexican man in an open field near Yuma on July 26, and he told them he’d fallen from the wall.

The agents gave first aid and summoned the local rescue squad, which took the man to the Yuma Regional Medical Center. He died on Saturday.

Earlier this year a 19-year-old pregnant woman from Guatemala was killed in Texas after falling from the border wall and landing on her back. She was eighth months pregnant and doctors attempted an emergency C-section but the baby didn’t survive either. 

And last June a Mexican man died in Nogales, Arizona, after trying to scale the fence and falling onto the U.S. side.


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  1. Not being heartless but I hope the news spreads that the wall can be dangerous if scaled. Maybe they will think twice. Just curious how many have died trying to sneak into Mexico ? Yea, thought so

  2. Again I say, they are NOT “illegal immigrants”.
    They are “illegal alien invaders”.
    Reclaim the proper use of the English language.

  3. I blame the illegal alien advocates and journos for giving the false impression that the wall is easy to scale. Truly tragic for the people they duped. Here’s something for AOC to really cry about, if she wasn’t so busy trying to keep her seat it Congress.

  4. So if I read this correctly we are three for three?
    I’m not including the baby in my question since it was an unfortunate victim of its’ mothers stupidity.

  5. I’m calling horseshit

    Falling off a wall never injured, much less killed, anyone. The sudden stop when the ground got in the way of her journey to the center of the earth didn’t do her any good though,

  6. @Stop2think: I quit going on cruises to Mexico, specifically Acapulco. When the Mexicans started decapitating people and hanging them upside down from bridges, it was time to visit other places in the world. A family of Mormons were recently murdered near the US border. So, scaling a wall intended to keep them out is working. Only thing I can say is “nice try sucka.”

  7. Pretty soon the CPSC will require signs be added to the top of the wall at 20 foot increments communicating the fall hazard:
    “!WARNING: Risk of fall can cause injury or death.”
    In 50 languages, including all African tribes.

  8. Humberto Delgado climbed a wall
    Humberto Delgado had a great fall
    All the ICE agents and all the EMS men
    Couldn’t put Humberto Delgado back together again

    So sad, too bad.

    The rest of you, look up the definition of legal.

  9. A fat Mexican Humpty Dumpty tried to scale the wall, the beaner had a great fall, all the democraps media and democraps binary people couldn’t put the beaner back together again. He went splat and that was that!

  10. Or worse – the CPSC will require fall protection cushions be added all along the wall on both sides…

  11. Stop2Think raises the question that the Communist Democrats can’t answer: “Why would anyone in their right mind risk life and limb to get into the world’s most systemically racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, oppressive country on the planet?”

  12. Falling off of the Wall could cause Cancer in California.

    it’s just as well….The Rona woulda got Him eventually.

  13. I cut my arm when I broke a window to get inside a bank when it was closed. Do I get lib sympathy for that?

  14. My husband is doing the estimate on the new detention center in Yuma to go along with the wall.
    There is a play area for the kids.
    There are showers.
    The illegals are taken in and given paper clothes or something similar. Their clothes are taken and laundered. The illegals can shower and are fed and go through the system.
    Then the next day their clothes are given back to them and they get sent back over the border to Mexico.
    That is if any of them makes it over or through the wall or over the border at all.

  15. The lure of sanctuary cities calls them, they are drawn like zombies and can’t help themselves. I blame the sanctuary cities with that drug like attraction. It has nothing to do with a wall, its the call of sanctuary sirens.

  16. Warning signs in all foreign languages should be placed on the wall:

    WARNING: Climbing this wall is guaranteed to be hazardous to your health. Make your final funeral arrangements before proceeding.

    Then display pics of those who have fallen off the wall.

  17. Are we sure they didn’t die of Covid 19?

    Anyone spending vacation time and money in Mexico is helping fund the thousands coming across our borders illegally. Boycott Mexico.

  18. Jethro: Or this:

    WARNING: This wall can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

    Edit: Radio Matt, I missed your post. Sorry.

  19. There’s a simple way to avoid injury even total illiterates can understand – don’t climb the wall. It’s a shame there’s no concertina wire and broken glass on top too. It’s completely innocuous to anyone but criminals breaking the law. Anything bad that happens to them is a form of suicide.

    The only person I’d help is the baby that sadistic woman intentionally murdered. Yes, intentionally – she put the child in peril on purpose.

    The left will cry and wail about the terrible loss of that baby’s life because the woman was on her way to Planned Parenthood.

  20. All we need to do is shoot a few of these bastards as they are climbing the wall and I guarantee we will break them of the habit. Deputize me I’ll pay my way there and my own expenses. Two weeks on, two weeks off. I’ll bet there are hundreds like me. We can shut the land border down!


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