‘Morally bankrupt’: Biden ‘humiliated’ by Saudi Arabia and oil companies – IOTW Report

‘Morally bankrupt’: Biden ‘humiliated’ by Saudi Arabia and oil companies

US President Joe Biden has been criticised as “morally bankrupt” and “weak” in regard to his energy policy after it was revealed he is planning to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss the global oil crisis.

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  1. So I guess I missed it if a single member of The Party said It is unacceptable that Pfizer and Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Biden, Ryan et all were making record profits off the Covid scam?

  2. Remember the greeting Trump got when he visited SA. Let’s see what Joe’s looks like.

  3. If there is one example of a Biden that isn’t demonstrably morally and intellectually bankrupt it is a well kept secret. We haven’t yet heard of how much of the “Shovel Ready Jobs” money found it’s way into the pockets of Biden’s, Kerry’s, Bush’s, Pelosi’s, Romney’s, Ryan’s and the rest of The Party’s personal pockets.

    I’m hoping that when Trump launches his campaign that his people have been preparing to go through the fucking swamp like Sherman through Georgia. Scorched motherfucking earth baby and stay on the offensive and don’t give them time to respond to one of their Goddamn scandals before he launches another attack. Don’t get sidetracked and not dividing his forces and opening up other fronts, they are all in this together and what he needs to do is burn their entire operation to the ground, take no prisoners and leave not one on the dirty motherfuckers to fight another day.

  4. Make ABSOLUTELY NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. The Biden Crime Family extends well beyond the immediate family and crosses well into the Republican establishment. They are entrenched throughout government, and at every level. Don’t leave the Obamas out of it either. There is a reason that Obama hitched that horse to his wagon and it wasn’t for anything he offered as far as adding to the ticket and making that grifter more electable.

  5. Yes I do remember the greeting DJT got when visited the Saudis. It was his first over seas visit and he knew exactly what he was doing. He knows that economic security is the foundation of national security.

    As sd writes, President Trump knew there would be negative consequences to allies and partners if the U.S. energy policy was independent. Trump knew that OPEC nations in general would be negatively impacted, and he knew that Saudi Arabia specifically would be weakened geopolitically.

    He assured Saudi Arabia that the United States would stand with the Gulf Cooperation Council and Mid-East nations as it pertained to their security. Trump knew making the largest energy consuming nation independent from foreign oil would be adverse to the economic stability of the Mid-East, and as an outcome, could open a door to destabilization from extremist or ideological groups therein.

    Take away top-line economic revenue from Saudi et al, and the leaders of those oil economies have a more difficult time remaining stable and controlling unrest and extremism. Generations of Arab citizens know nothing other than the trickle down benefits of oil exports. President Trump knew this, and he approached our need for energy independence by first assuring the Arab states of his commitment to their stability and safety.

    President Trump delivered to those states a list of approved arms and defense agreements during that trip. In essence, what he was doing was putting the promise of security into actual delivery of tools to retain that security. Actions speak louder than words.

    President Trump also promised to work diligently on peace in the region; a real substantive and genuine peace that would provide security in the big picture. He delivered on that as well BTW.

    Compare DJT’s actions with the fucking pitiful policies Biden’s puppeteers have initiated? President Trump got us energy independence and $1.80 gas, Biden is looking to gobble some Venezuelan cock and they ain’t unzipping. And gas is almost $6 here.

  6. Trump has been proven to ALWAYS BE RIGHT. Ignore him at your own risk. #Trump1 DamnDominion.com #BringOnMeanTweetsAnd2DollarGas #HangHiliar #ExileObozoToHisHomeKenya

  7. A manufactured crisis so they can implement their green wet dream. Joe’s already admitted as much.

  8. Morally bankrupt, ABSOLUTELY! They are a muslim religion based country. Muslim by religion hate all Americans, our freedom, our laws, hell everything we believe in is against their Koran. We are the enemy! They sometimes tolerate us/Americans, only to benefit their outcome. World War 3 is prophesied to start in the middle east. Suadi’s are human garbage. They funded 9/11!

  9. Geoff

    Easy Geoff, that’s that new trans, gay, lesbian, animal lover, pedo, Ken Doll. He might be confused. He cut his dick off and desperately wants to be Barbie.

  10. Laugh all you want, your “porn queen” will never ever get elected again! DeSantis 2024 has him by 10 points!

  11. ^^^^^ And there it is. he strategic libtard quote of the day. They’ve been planning, plotting, expecting blood shed after that post. Suzy you dumb cunt, they’re working together. Planning, plotting, to end your life.

  12. Suzy. ur good as dead after the next election. Trump and DeSantis have it all planned out. And they’re using the COVID to do it. Say your prayers varmint. You’ll be spitting blood soon instead of jizzum.

  13. Reality, Donny’s post best bud is testifying MoBrooks spills the beans bigly tlme, oh no Mr Bill!
    No rebuttal, Canceled!

  14. Suzy, the reeking cunt, has been using microsoft bing (bint?) to get her lies.

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