More Bad News: The New Vaccines Disrupt Menstrual Cycles

Emerald Robinson: Back in the summer of 2021, noted author Dr. Naomi Wolf was permanently banned from Twitter for the “misinformation” of wondering whether the new vaccines could affect women’s menstrual cycles.

This was a lie, according to NPR (and a thousand other corporate media outlets) that merited the disappearance of any vaccine skeptic crazy enough to repeat the allegation. It was like claiming that the earth was flat in the 21st century: a denial of science so terrible that it called into question the sanity of the speaker. Various liberal publications even began to question whether Dr. Naomi Wolf had ever been liberal, or insightful, now that she was a confirmed anti-vaxxer. MORE

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  1. I was trying to imagine what those COVID spikes sticking out of ovary cells could do the function of those organs. Then, I realized I was grimacing really badly, so I stopped… thinking about it. (But I might still be grimacing.)

  2. “DR.” Naomi Wolf – Philosophy

    90% Full of Shit Like most Feminists & once in a while she gets one right.

    She has been called out for MANY errors in print.

  3. It’s no wonder that our fake president spends so much time in his Delaware basement.

    More tampons please.

  4. Disrupts menstrual cycles?

    Jesus….women are walking around like time bombs. Pray for us men who may inadvertently set one off.

  5. @Stirrin’

    Yes, maybe another part of a plan to significantly reduce the worldwide population, but I am making an assumption that if these cycles are changed, possibly the ability to give birth may be impaired.

  6. Dynamite, quite like menstrual cycles, is very unstable when subjected to morphology, longevity, incept dates, and glide charts.

  7. Y’all saw what happened with the Tsar Bomba. Dude’s name was Igor. HE was a fucking fruitcake.

    He didn’t know shit about glide charts. He didn’t know shit about how much toilet paper to have on hand.

  8. There’s a woman on FB who got the shots when she was pregnant. People tried to talk her out of it, but she told them they were crazy and her doctor told her it was safe for pregnant women and catching covid could kill her baby. Well she miscarried and her periods have been screwed up since and she hasn’t been able to get pregnant. She’s been trying since given the okay to do so. Her new doctor because she no longer trusts the other one says they need to get her menstrual cycle regular before she continues trying, but nothing they’re trying is working. She is now warning anyone who will listen.
    Another woman commented that her 9 year old niece started bleeding after getting the shot, but that it’s not normal like a girl first getting her period. To me 9 sure seems like an awful young age to start having periods.
    If anyone miraculously survives the shots long term, how many will be sterile?

    Oh and both say their doctors refused to report to VAERS because they said there is no proof either was caused by the shots. The woman who miscarried said she did get the second doctor to report her irregular periods but she wouldn’t report the miscarriage because she wasn’t seeing her at the time.
    She said she has tried several times but has had trouble doing so.

  9. I think part of the point is to make women sterile, ORWW. And make hundreds of thousands of miscarries. As many as they can.

    VAERS is under-reported in a horrible way. The whole point of VAERS was to have anyone to report. Shit reports would be weeded out by shitheads like Fauci and his minions. But there we go, again.


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