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More Beagles Saved from Fauci


Plans for more taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs commissioned by Anthony Fauci’s division of the NIH have recently been canceled, which is pretty damning for the fact-checkers who attempted to cover for Fauci by downplaying similar experiments brought into the spotlight last summer. More

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  1. My dad always had a beagle. They are sweet dogs that are great with children. It makes me sick to think what this monster has gotten away with.

  2. Life is the assholes petri dish.
    I suggest his family cremate his sorry ass when he’s gone as no cemetery in the world could absorb all the water that would fall on his grave. (And I ain’t speaking of rain)

  3. I dunno why he was allowed to carry on like he did. Trump and all those Presidents previous to Trump gave Dr. Mengele way too much power and authority over humanity. Trump was the last bastion that could have stopped Fauci, but he didn’t. Still to this day, the jab is still promoted by the two of them. Fauci thinks of humans as he does the animal kingdom. The guy is a monster.

  4. Now if these were legal beagles that we were talking about I’d say let Fauci have at ’em. Nothing better than painful experimentation on a lawyer.

  5. Remember everyone it’s not trump’s fault all this bullshit is because of the Pendleton act. Get rid of that like trump tried to do and you can begin to fix things maybe.

  6. Hello Mark,
    Nice to meet you.
    What’s up?
    By the way, have you heard the news?
    There is this old kid in town.
    Ask Uncle Al.
    He’ll tell you.

    PS: LYA

  7. Seriously, he picked Beagles?

    I love all dogs but I can’t think about one bad quality a Beagle, or a Boxer for that matter, inherently have.

  8. A real pity that the monstrous Fauci Mengele experiments and tests performed on orphan black and hispanic babies and children during the 1980s-1990s to present wasn’t stopped. That Fauci is a serial sadistic monster who’s impotent and gets off on these experiments against helpless dogs and children is very telling towards his demonic demands to vaxx and booster unsuspecting kids with his bogus “new covid19 wave”, all which is a lie.


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