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More Cowbell

It’s October, time for all things macabre and spooky. Let’s start things off with some BOC, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” with A.I. generated art. Watch

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  1. “Don’t Fear The Reaper” has the right pacing for doing CPR, just like the AHA promoted “Stayin’ Alive” does.

    Not recommended you sing the words in such situations, tho.

  2. More seasonally appropriate from BÖC…

    “Don’t turn your back, danger surrounds you
    Don’t turn your back to the dogs who hound you
    Don’t turn your back, don’t show your profile
    You’ll never know when it’s your turn to go…”

  3. That was fun! Stairway to Heaven that followed it was very good too! The art gives it a whole new perspective!

  4. @Jimmy – my favorite BOC. ‘I know you’ll soon be married, and you’ll want to know where winds come from.’

  5. LocoBlancoSaltine
    OCTOBER 1, 2022 AT 7:51 PM

    I like it, but people need to stop getting old. It just makes me feel old when they do.

  6. @ LC Dan- BOC is a Great band. Those who know only Reaper, Godzilla and Burning for You are missing a huge body of work spanning five decades.
    For instance,
    (As the Stalk-Forrest Group, 1970) Buck was 24 years old.

    RIP Allen Lanier.

  7. Thanks Jay Sherman.
    I remember when this episode was new.
    Very clever writers.
    Simpsons predicted a lot of shit going forward.
    I could do without the liberal bias but funny nonetheless…

  8. Of course seasons, the wind, the sun, and the rain don’t fear the reaper; when they die they come back. For man is fated to die once, and then judgement.

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