More Ebola As More People Fly Freely Into America From Ebolaland

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“….A male patient, age unknown, was transported today to Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, and is being tested this evening for Ebola virus infection.

The individual flew into Newark Liberty International Airport on Friday after traveling from Liberia through an unknown destination, then traveled to the Durham area on a commercial bus, according Aldona Wos, MD, secretary of the NC Department of Health and Human Services.”

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  1. For now the patient tested negative. He will remain in isolation and be re-tested in 72 hours, after the election. North Carolina is Ebola free until after the polls close. Check back Wednesday for more news…..

  2. “Dr. Wos seemed thrown off by a question about how the patient got to North Carolina from Newark. When she responded that it was a commercial bus, an unnamed official abruptly called the press conference to a close.”

    I remember a quaint time when the government used to hide space alien autopsies from us, not illegal alien autopsies.

  3. Obama is importing Ebola, other infectious diseases plus criminals and jihadists into the United States to create crises that he won’t let go to waste.

  4. Menderman, none of these medical tourists will test positive for Ebola ever again. They will either die of their Ebola and be quietly incinerated, or they will be moved to a government facility following their “Ebola-Negative” results, where they will be treated, recover and be released on our streets. Unless they don’t, in which case, back to the discreet incineration option.

    When it is our turn to catch it, we will never know who which blighter gave us Ebola, because the govt is intentionally not tracking them and knows that Illegals who “live in the shadows” can easily die in the shadows, too.

    My kid’s elementary school already sent out a notice about two students who had EV-D68, and supposedy recovered. For all I know , those kids died. And since they are lil’ Dreamers, they are only on the roll-call in the secret student list the school keeps for the Feds. When I get that first “Student Has Ebola” notification from the school, it is Home Schooling Time.

  5. I read this weekend that they are predicting 130 ebola cases in the USA before the end of the year. If you can get a count in advance then why can’t you prevent them from occurring? Or is like the hurricane count they put out each May pretty well meaningless?

  6. Maybe we need a Ebola Christmas Carol thread. Ya know, to get us in the mood for a quarantined Christmas.

    Stack the halls with mounds of bodies….

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