MORE Fake News: Navy confirms MEDIA LIED about President Trump and the USS John McCain – IOTW Report

MORE Fake News: Navy confirms MEDIA LIED about President Trump and the USS John McCain

Geller Report: Is Facebook going to flag the Wall Street Journal and all the other fake news outlets who reported this fictional anti-Trump story?


By Milne News, May 30, 2019

Ah, it never ends does it?

So basically The Wall Street Journal has been banging on about some claim from somewhere that the White House per President Trump’s request wanted the USS John McCain “out of sight” for when the President made his visit.

The WSJ also reported Wednesday that a tarp was put in place to cover the ship’s name.

Then a few media outlets, “journalists” and your all round anti-Trumper circulated the image of the USS John McCain with a tarp covering the name of the ship.

Is the claim true?

Of course not, this is the mainstream media we are talking about.

The picture was from Friday.

A spokesperson for the Pacific Fleet even confirmed the image is from Friday and the tarp was taken down on Saturday.

“We didn’t do anything to obstruct the name of the ship. The Wall Street Journal piece refers to a photo of a tarp covering the ship, that photo was taken Friday, May 24, the tarp was removed the following day,” another US Navy official said.

“All ships remained in normal configuration during the President’s visit” CDR Nate Christensen said.

Another claim is that the White House Military Office emailed lower-level US Navy officials about keeping the ship out of view. A claim reported by CNN of course.  more

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  1. The question is whether the WSJ is going to fire or suspend the reporter? If there isn’t any discipline meted out then the Rupert sons are starting to push the WSJ to the left just like Fox is slowly being pushed.

  2. In all honesty:
    In all honesty, this is not fair. McCain was a career politician, which is something that should not even exist. His daughter is making a living off his name. You cannot have it both ways. It is like a member of a royal family demanding both a golden crown and personal privacy.Mike S. Adams added,
    Meghan McCain
    Verified account

    On behalf of the entire McCain family – @amyklobuchar please be respectful to all of us and leave my fathers legacy and memory out of presidential politics.

  3. On The Wall Street Journal’s part, don’t be misled. They have been “never Trump” since the beginning. Aside from a couple of outstanding people like Kimberly Strassel in their employ, the editors are not with us.

  4. We all know she is going to run to the left. She is already half-way there! F— the McCains and Romneys. Traitors, all of them. And I voted for them!

  5. And Meghan is a fat cow! Yes I said it!!! A totally bloated female of a human being! Who does not know how to take care of her own body.

  6. It was already reported as fake in many places. . .
    INCLUDING msNBC when they read the Navy statement at a very early AM hour. . .
    They then ran it uncorrected all afternoon and evening.

  7. I knew it was bullshit as usual from these scheming pukes. It would have been so out of character for Trump to be that petty and additionally, he’d never deny rank and file sailors a chance to see him.

  8. Anonymous MAY 31, 2019 AT 6:40 AM
    His father and grandfather were both admirals. It was named after one of them, not JON III.

    Actually, it was named after BOTH the Senator’s Father and Grandfather.

    From Wikipedia (I know, not the best of sources, but easy enough to find…): This warship was originally named after John S. McCain, Sr., and John S. McCain, Jr., both admirals in the United States Navy. John S. McCain, Sr. commanded the aircraft carrier USS Ranger, and later the Fast Carrier Task Force during the latter stages of World War II. John S. McCain, Jr. commanded the submarines USS Gunnel and USS Dentuda during World War II. He subsequently held a number of posts, rising to Commander-in-Chief of the United States Pacific Command, before retiring in 1972. These men were, respectively, the grandfather and father of Senator John S. McCain III.

  9. Yer Top Ten Tip-Offs that A Story Just Might Be “Fake News”:
    10. An Official Says…
    9. A Former Official Says…
    8. Someone Close To
    7. Some People Say…
    6. Someone Who Was In The Room Says…
    5. According To A Document
    4. A Confidential Memo That Memorialized…
    3. The Word “Source” or better yer “Reliable Sources”
    2. The Word “Reportedly”

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd the number one reason that should make you suspect that the story just might be Fake News is… (drum roll please)
    “This is CNN”

  10. Aren’t Admirals political appointees more than merit based?

    Meaning, you’re not going from enlisted to admiral through merit based promotions.

    Like, no gets into West Point without a politically connected sponsor.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong or missing something relevant.

    So, McCain III was pretty much a shoe-in as a senator like all the Kennedys that wanted political power?


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