More Faulty Pollution Studies Exposed

Denver Post-

Colorado oil and gas industry leaders are highlighting a study led by Boulder researchers that found methane emissions from drilling haven’t made large increases despite big boosts in energy production across the country over a decade.

The probe, led by scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and University of Colorado Boulder, also found some previous studies showing significant hikes in methane emissions overestimated the amount of pollution coming from oil and gas activity, by as much as 10-fold in some cases.

“The assumption of a time‐constant relationship between methane and ethane emissions has resulted in major overestimation of an oil and gas emissions trend in some previous studies,” the paper stated.

That’s because some previous studies have failed to observe that ethane-to-methane ratios are increasing, causing major overestimations of oil and gas emission trends, a news release stated.


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  1. More of the progressive zero sum game… all of this ridiculous BS is souring my Laphroaig…….how ’bout some Claudia animal images?……………… just wondering.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. I don’t do probes.

    In other news China, South America, Mexico, Russia, etc are still polluting the planet like crazy, but we’re the bad guys for cleaning up our air and water.
    Over-estimation is what happens when you’re trying to justify a paycheck and a grant!

  3. Two facts.

    Petroleum is a vital component in every day life. All mobile phones, made of plastics, use it to call uber for a petroleum powered vehicle them to their destinations.

    Most environmentalists live in big congested cities where diesel powered vehicles belch out nasty smelling fumes and haul them on mass transit and bring them their produce, paper towels, and amazon purchases.
    Slip out of the city, snowflakes. You might discover that 99% of the country doesn’t live like you do.
    You suffer from blind men describing an elephant disease.

  4. Tired of fighting iPhone. Much editing required for above. Too tired to mess with it. You get the id a.

  5. Never cloud an issue with facts! The left uses issues that have a high capacity to evoke emotional responses from the public before they can think it through. A deceitful method of persuasion that they’ve mastered to carry them along this far.
    Exposing fraudulent claims take time and a willingness to listen as well as a curiosity concerning the issues. How many people make that effort?


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