More Footage of ATF Agent That Didn’t Comply With Police and Was Tazed – IOTW Report

More Footage of ATF Agent That Didn’t Comply With Police and Was Tazed

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  1. The arrogance is strong in this one. What an utter ass.
    I do love the whining afterwards to call his boss. If you’d treated your fellow LEOs with any sort of respect, maybe you wouldn’t have been tased, bro.

  2. Couple of things….
    No ATF officer would have treated a local cop or a citizen with any respect or courtesy.
    As far as I can see from this and past video and accounts of ATF agents, they were playground bullies and still are. Then this guy gets regular treatment and his bully ego gets confronted and he squeals like a little girl.
    The woman did the right thing. The local cops did also.
    Love that they called in the helicopter.

  3. Yells, “Why did you act the way you did?!?! What’s wrong with you!!”

    That triggered a flashback to when I was a young’n. My anal parents would yell that at me and my brother on the regular. You know, like putting the milk on the wrong shelf.

    I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me. No, it was just my parents. I’ve never yelled such a thing to my kids. Or an adult, lol.

  4. Gives new meaning to “DON’T TAZE ME BRO!”

  5. Look for the ATF to stage another Waco-type raid to reestablish their cred. Either that or they will go to the Westminster Dog Show and kill every pooch there. That’s how they roll.

  6. As refreshing as the first time! If he is a cop you can bet he would give someone a good beat down for acting the way he did. How many police would get killed if they trusted every armed person just because they said they were law enforcement. Great training video for future police!

  7. Looks like the AFT sent their top “Negotiator” out there…

    That Asshole should be fired and the ATF billed for all the assets Columbus Police put out there!
    I feel sorry for his wife and future kid!

  8. About time that the arrogant feds start getting their asses handed to them. Feds don’t seem to understand “No warrant, no entry.”

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  10. Imagine being one of the citizens this ATF agent bullied in the past, and watching this video. What a feeling of satisfaction.

  11. Ever since the Clintons moved to DC most of the Federal government has been corrupted and politicized, especially at the top. We’ve known for a long time this kind of I’m-above-the-law attitude prevails. Glad to see this pathetic piece of shit has been exposed. The ATF is horribly out of control. They will never recover from the damage this mad dog caused. Why the hell is he still employed?

  12. judgeroybean – Why the hell is he still employed?

    He is probably sweating bullets that he will be fired, therefore I would wager that he filed that law suit using the mentality: “The best defense is a good offense”.
    It will fall flat and this time next year Mr. ATF will be a 3rd shift security guard somewhere obscure!

  13. You just know this ATF agent was running shakedowns and ripping people off while railroading innocent people. His arrogance and self-entitlement was a perfect example of everything toxic about the DoJ LEO agencies these days.


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