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More Idiots Than You Can Shake A Stick At

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22 Comments on More Idiots Than You Can Shake A Stick At

  1. I’m thinking the hottie in the red dress is just making a mess of her ex’s car. The rest of them are idiots.

  2. Twice now up on the Reservation I was pumping gas, when some imbeciles are jump starting each other’s car while at the pump.
    I didn’t have time to shoot video because I was busy exiting the probable blast area

  3. As for the bikini girls on the bicycle with the rifle? Maybe Brad could give them some personal training.

  4. I just noticed, there’s a car in that picture, it took a few minutes to see it.

  5. Clutch the Pearls
    I was unaware that Aunt Jemima came in gallon jugs!

  6. No, seriously, there really IS a car in that picture, I swear!

  7. She deserves credit for knowing where the engine is at least.

  8. Idiots have been around for a long time.
    Years ago an elderly Mexican rolled his tire into the gas station and wanted a free tire patch with glue.
    I handed him a patch and some glue at which point he glued the patch to the tread of the tire, air it up and rolled the tire away.

  9. I doubt that there are more idiots (as a percentage) but we now have greater access to their antics.

    We also protect them from their idiocies, where they used to suffer (and sometimes extinguish) from them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. The woman in the red dress iOS trying to help by adding engine coolant to a hot engine without getting dirty.

  11. Follow that car so you can be there to offer “roadside assistance”…because she’s gonna need it in about 5 miles or less.

  12. Oh shit…the animated gif at the website makes what she did even worse. Still I’d give her some “roadside assistance”.

  13. Problem is we, the sane people pay for it, either via higher insurance premiums, taxes or taxpayer funded rescue efforts. Darwin awards anyone?

  14. now days one can go to jail for shaking a stick.

  15. Better video would have her pouring salad oil on herself

  16. Sooo…well…at least we know the Batman mask is pretty much flameproof and didn’t melt onto the guy’s face…or did it?!?

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