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More Kamalasalad

Kamala Harris: “When we talk about the children of the community, they are a children of the community”

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  1. We had a preist who did that. He would nod his head while making some point and then repeat it. He would literally and figuratively talk down to you! A 7 minute homily took 14 minutes. It took him twice as long to say half as much and believe me when you’re peeved at his delivery you don’t care what he is saying! Thankfully he’s gone!
    Kamala is even worse!

  2. The look on her face. Is there anything worth paying attention to with that creature? Anything? One good word?

  3. Nope! She knows what she said…
    Along teh lines of “it takes a village” kind’a bs. They aren’t your children who are in the community, they are the community’s children.

  4. If she ever had spawned crotch fruit from her polluted womb, THOSE children would be children of the community because numerous members of the community could have been the father. Community children from her community vagina.


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