More Lies From the Left- America and Mass Shootings

MJA sent me this video. It details how the left lies about the rate of mass shootings in this country compared to the rest of the world.

Dem pols regularly cite a statistic that is an absolute fabrication. The leftwing media will not question the methodology, or the writer of this ridiculous claim.

The right has questioned it, and they’ve blown the claim out of the water.

The left, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, will not cease and desist hawking the bogus “study.”

7 Comments on More Lies From the Left- America and Mass Shootings

  1. If you give credence to the leftists talking points, you loose.

    “I’m sorry you’re stupid” is the only response you need give.

  2. Bill Whittle did a video I’ve sent to a number of prog “friends” and it never fails to twist up underpants badly….. “But, but, but….” they stammer.

    I find it succinct, easy to follow — and stunning:

    “Number One with a Bullet”

    (Whittle could be a tad less snide and smarmy, but…. ….ah! he’s got the bastards!)
    ….Lady in Red


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