More Obese People In the World Than Underfed

Perhaps for the first time in human history, there are more people eating too much than too little according to the British Medical Journal The Lancet.



This conclusion was drawn after a global study of body mass index trends since 1975.

Pacific Inlanders of Polynesia and Micronesia have the highest average  BMIs in the world.


 Only women in high-income Asia Pacific nations have actually reduced their BMI since 1975.

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  1. Of course big government leftist are calling for an immediate reduction in the amount of food produced.

    So what if some people starve, we can’t have all those fatties running around.

  2. So, per usual Socialist doctrine, will the lean ones get to eat the fat ones? Everything will be SOOOOO evenly redistributed then.

  3. i have been watching this phenomenon with amazement

    not rocket science that sugars and carbs cause fat

    reduce sugars and carbs and your body has to draw upon fat for energy, it’s called ketosis

    this is not rocket science but i have observed high level educated folks waddle around in pain due to the extra 100-200 lbs that they carry 24/7

    so, it’s not knowledge, rather it is no motivation or discipline, and exacerbated by the growing members of the fat club who welcome all newcomers

    now it is an anomaly to be lean, decades ago was the other way around, see the old photos of yesteryear

    a guy should be 4-6 percent body fat, a woman 8-10 percent

  4. : I’ve reduced my soda pop intake from one a day to maybe two a week. I’ve taken weight off and have keep it off.

  5. It’s simple to fix. Just change the requirements of obesity. The narrative changes to put everyone in perpetual global chaos via global cooling global warming climate change. Make everyone obese (1% body fat or higher), or make everyone slender (under 99% body fat). Simple simon.

    It would kill all this division and hate speech. I think we can all agree the collective welfare of society is much more important than any one individual health. /snark

  6. Remember as a kid: “Eat all the food on your plate, people in (insert favorite poor country here) are starving.
    i remember saying to my mother, “If I don’t eat this, how are you going to get it to them poor starving people”.

  7. I’m doing my part to reduce that number. I scheduled my gastric bypass last week and come April 15th, I will begin a new chapter in my life that will hopefully see me shed about 150 lbs over the next couple of years.

  8. We’ve had the wrong food pyramid pushed on us by government know nothings for 5 decades. That amount of time coincides with the epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. You think the bright brains might add 2 + 2 and realize a low-fat high carbohydrate diet is responsible. Then there’s the gawd almighty sugar industry pouring money into the pockets of politicians. Of the 58+ types of sugar only 6 are required to be listed in those little percentages boxes on food labels. The rest, many with unrecognizable names, can be hidden in the regular ingredient list. The sugar industry has deep pockets and influences much in US food policy.

    Gary Taubes’ books, among others, were an eye opener for me.
    “Good Calories. Bad Calories’ and ‘Why We Get Fat’.
    Government involvement in the American diet has screwed many. The ‘science’ is as fake as global warming. In the research industy if you say that you are black listed, black balled, ignored and have funding withdrawn.
    George McGovern (retch) was one of the earliest government//diet meddlers. Doesn’t it figure?

    I started a high fat, moderate protein, very low carb, very little sugar life style and EASILY lost 56 pounds. No hunger, no crazed work outs, etc.
    I could rant all day. Eat more butter, bacon and red meat the way our grandparents did. Lay off refined carbs. Carbs are unnecessary in the diet and there is no such thing as a carbohydrate deficiency in humans. Eat real food.

  9. Eugenia:
    “Carbs are unnecessary in the diet”

    Man I hate to be this thread’s policeman but gee whiz!

    I am guessing Eugenia is not a dietitian nor has ever run a marathon.

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