More of the lame: Hillary would continue Obamanomics

CNBC: Hillary Clinton to add Jacob Leibenluft, Obama’s long-time economic adviser, to campaign team.

One of President Barack Obama’s economic advisers will join Hillary Clinton’s campaign in another sign of close coordination between the White House and the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Jacob Leibenluft, deputy director of the National Economic Council, will become a senior policy adviser as Clinton prepares to fill out her economic agenda for the general election.  more

10 Comments on More of the lame: Hillary would continue Obamanomics

  1. Hooray! Another excellent reason to NEVERVOTEHILLARY!

    Further proof at just how little she knows about ‘the common folks’. We clearly heard her idea of dead broke.

  2. Poor thing, having so many sycophants who step and fetch for her, she never knows just where her next meal is coming from.

  3. Harwood spews, “…Leibenluft a “very strong, fact-based analyst.”

    Wow, talk about disconnected. Do these dickholes ever leave the Beltway?

    And Hillary will contrast her “plan” with Trump’s lifetime business experience which has put 10s of 1,000s of people to work? The sad thing is there are 60 Million people(?) that will eat that up like a dog eats his vomit.

  4. Hillary Clinton’s long-term economic plan in two easy bullet points:

    1. Maximize contributions to the Clinton Foundation dation.

    2. Fuck everybody else.

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