“More or Less”: Chinese Coronavirus Death Risk Explained

British statistician and the Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University, Sir David Spiegelhalter compared the death rate statistics and with the mortality numbers for the Wuhan flu and found the two measures closely parallel each other.

Conclusion, the outbreak of the CCP flu (Chinese communist party) would basically concentrate a year’s worth of deaths into the few weeks that the bug was being passed around, assuming no active measures were taken to limit the contagion. Listen Here


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  1. Now that they’re in Los Angeles, can we offer those two assholes (the prince formerly known as prince harry, and that THOT meghan markel) as sacrifices?

  2. I gave him 10 seconds, not in the mood for a Brit. Did he address the 21,000,000 fewer cell phone accounts in China? How about the many thousands of urns delivered to just a couple of mortuaries in Wuhan?

  3. There are claims all around social media sites based on Twitter/Youtubes that made it out before being scrubbed that Hubei Province finally had to give up cremating bodies alone and buried them in mass graves, as well. Apparently, many Chinese families don’t even know where their dead loved ones are.

  4. So is this the less automobile deaths because there are less cars on the road logic?

    How about a few more drinks, smokes, drugs, suicides due to depression. Did he factor that in. People can state that smoking kills X number of people per year 35 years after they start smoking.

    How about when the “guests” in Europe get stir crazy and start “Notre Dame-ing” the cities,

    How about some coup attempts in failing shitholes?

    Did he factor in the German Minister of Finance flinging himself in front of a train yesterday? Is that a Corona virus death?

    And then there are all the lives we are saving by polluting less because the cruise shits, air planes, and buses are not polluting.

    Hang on! What about all the plastic we are using like bat shit crazy to keep safe. Is that worse than the fuel pollution?

    As my father would say, “tell him to go Fuck himself!”


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