More Rebuke of Shapiro

Thomas Wiktor has some observations.

ht/ Ghost of Col. J Glover


18 Comments on More Rebuke of Shapiro

  1. Really, just what in the hell is wrong with Shapiro?
    Okay, Trump wasn’t his man, I get it, would he have rather had Hillary or any random Dem they throw at Trump in 2020?
    Is 4Chan right about Shapiro?

  2. General Kim never smiles? Come on. Many of Wiktor points are flat out assumptions. There are many other people who can easily refute Shapiro. I am not sure this guy is the best at it.

  3. With some that have over inflated ego’s it’s hard to admit your wrong. Especially true when the person is immature.
    In Ben’s case its either that just mentioned or he’s being paid to be blindly contrarian.

  4. You can insert any #nevertrumper into his ultimate point – STOP MAKING IT PERSONAL. It really destroys your ability to be an object observer or even stand up for the principals you claim to believe in and support. Rubio and a ton of other congressmen fall into the same category daily.

  5. Do you think Ben and Jebby get together, eat ice cream and watch sad romance movies together?
    They ought to. They both whine an awful lot.

  6. The difference between Shapiro v Wictor. Shapiro knows his reasons behind the Resistance (it’s not NeverTrumpism). Business 💰
    Wictor has a cult following, and while he may be genius level, sometimes bordering on madness, he weaves fantastical theories as truth.
    Both S and W have a method to their madness.

  7. Temember when they said that all the generals around Trump were there to keep him under control and remove him when it became necessary? I Bet Ben was one of “they”.*

    *Intentional grammatical error just for you, Ben.

  8. Who butters the bread for George Will and Ben Shapiro? I suspect some big GOPe money is involved. Their arguments and observations are past the point of sound reasoning. They are shills.

  9. Ben only sounds like the “voice of rationality” when he’s onstage being shouted down by truly irrational people. When he speaks his mind among the rational, his voice is just shrill.

  10. Shapiro misses the point.
    Shapiro: “We mauled Obama, rightly, for saying he’d meet with dictators without preconditions.”
    Presumably Shapiro feels we should maul President Trump because there weren’t sufficient preconditions.

    Hey Shapiro, you dumbass — I TRUST America-loving President Trump 1000x more than I ever trusted Leftist dictator-loving America-hating Obama.
    Isn’t the difference obvious to you?
    Or are you really that stupid?

  11. Shapiro’s a paid Lefty shill. Like Will, Kristol, Sweaty Thumb, Brooks, Dowd and so many others.

    It’s lucrative. The Left pays well and ensures they’ll always have a platform to confuse/defuse/divide the Deplorables. That’s the assignment.

    Anyone noticing the family resemblance between Shapiro and David Hogg?


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