More Staffers Planning to Leave Kamala Harris’ White House of Horrors

LibertyDaily: I hate to say, “I told you so,” but I posted while Kamala Harris was still a presidential candidate back in 2019 about rumors that she runs a horrible office with disgruntled staff. I wasn’t the only one saying it, but it was downplayed tremendously by “sexism nannies” who feel any criticism of a woman by a man is somehow bigoted.

Nevertheless, I dropped the story when she dropped out of the race. I had actually forgotten about it until recent weeks when the same rumors started coming from a different office: The VP’s office at the White House. Rumors of horrible work conditions and backstabbing staffers were once again suppressed, this time because corporate media thought they could keep the truth under wraps. That didn’t happen and people started leave. Now, it appears more are heading for the door. MORE

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  1. If you get a gander of her top staffers you’ll understand why her office is a dumpster fire. Even her sister left her.

  2. “… horrible work conditions and backstabbing staffers …”
    The nature of life in the fast lane. You lust for power; you do what’s necessary.
    They sold their souls for a cup of rice – now they can choke on it.
    A bunch of greedy, malevolent, grasping, corrupt maggots climbing all over each other to be the first to suck Kamel-Ho’s ass – who would expect anything different?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. They went in knowing this woman was placed there at the behest of an illegitimately elected pedophile who she publicly loathed, and was chosen for that role for no other reason than her skin color and oral sex abilities.

    Given that, I don’t know why they would have expected anything else.

  4. WhoGAS? Other than biden* who shits his pants daily.
    The entire US government is as legitimate as a music awards show. After the insultingly bogus election, there is nothing serious left.

  5. Selecting the Kalamitous Jamindian was the sure sign that Dementia Joe wasn’t playing with a full deck of marbles.

  6. Harris is DC Kryptonite and her ship jumpers are trying to clean up their resume’s from the “Worked for VP Harris” line item before their next DC job.

  7. Crocodile tears from the left. Boo-hoo we have horrible Kamala!

    Wait ’til she becomes President. There will be hell to pay. Joe Biden’s term has proved that unpopularity, corruption, and incompetence are no bar to getting your agenda.

    Thus, who would be better for the lefts’ agenda than Kamala?

  8. With all the media coverage of this, she’s being shown the door. Gotta get her out soon so that someone else can take Joe’s place when he’s 25th amendmented very soon. That person can then become the presumptive Dem nominee.

  9. Camel Toe is outta class, Jackass Joe is outta gas… if they can find a shoehorn big enough they might try to shove the Hillbag, cankles and all, into the position!
    Afterall,the Ratz seem to be Hell-bent on placing the worst of the worst in the White House!

  10. Due to her status as a Demonrat lazy and stupid has worked well for Commiela to this point.

    Look at it from her point of view, she has used her whoring to make it all the way to VP of the friggin United States.

    One breath away from the President of the friggin United States. A last breath she knows is probably less than a year away when the Pedo forgets how to inhale.

    She could give a shit less if her unsatisfied underlings quit. Her eyes are still firmly on the prize that her lazy and stupid ass is a short time away from.

    She need and will do absolutely nothing, (her primary area of expertise). Pedo will die and the Demonrats can do nothing to stop that or her.

    She is in the catbird seat, as a the first black VP she knows she is untouchable no matter how badly they maneuver to eliminate her.

    Do you actually think she will step aside or accept a SC appointment as lazy as she is when she can be President?

    As the Pedo would say Cmon Man…

    That stupid bitch will sit on her lazy fat ass until she can give Dr Jill the high hat and wash away every trace of the Pedo from the WH.

    God save us all.

  11. Sounds like a party, theys a hoedown in DC. No longer useful to advancing the progressive agenda and expendable at this point.

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