More than 200 dissidents rounded up and arrested in Cuba one day before Obama’s arrival

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BabaluBlog: Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship continues to enjoy the empowerment and impunity that Obama’s Hope and Change Cuba policy has so generously bestowed upon them. Lacking any concern or fear of reprisals from the White House, Cuban State Security hunted down and arrested more than 200 peaceful dissidents on the day before Obama’s arrival to the island.

In a normal world with a normal American president, vile and heinous actions such as these would bring serious consequences to Cuba’s repressive regime. But this is neither a normal world nor do we have a normal president. Obama will continue with his “fun” trip to apartheid Cuba, comply with the demands of his dictatorial hosts, and the best anyone can hope for is a vague reference to human rights conveyed in a few mumbled and incoherent words that no doubt will also be delivered with a qualifier that the U.S. has a human rights problem as well.  More

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  1. What a fucking embarrassment. When you think the bar can’t get any lower, this slime ball oozes under it again.

    I see Raul didn’t even bother to greet President Toothpick upon arrival and I’m sure the oblivious Obama could care less.

    Does anyone in their right mind think you’ll ever see President Trump and Melina alighting in Havana with Castro still in power? Jesus, it’s holiday for this asshole while 1,000s languish in Cuban prisons.


  2. They weren’t arrested, they were invited to police headquarters to renew their pistol permits. [sarcasm intended]

  3. It’d be a real shame if a dissident got within choking distance of Urkelissimo !

    Do you suppose Obola could fathom that there are generations of revenge just waiting to lash out at an enabling imbecile gringo?

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